Even though the tv finale is over, the "Bubbline" couple will continue through...
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“Don’t, like, tell anyone though. I’m out and I’m not ashamed."
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Bill Clinton also took the funeral service as an opportunity to perve out.
Other LGBTQ+ performers and sexual assault survivors have some choice words for the "Drag Race" winner.
"If an actor has the attributes to do something, they should be able to do it."
American Idol champ has been an LGBT ally for years
It’s “Completely Reductive”
Gay contestant getting flack for cuddling while contestants sleep
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"This one’s like a buddy cop comedy, only there are no cops and more avoiding old flames..."
Bomer's to a hotshot news anchor dating Will!
and allegedly pay cuts are next for the remaining movers and shakers.
Over half a million Instagrammers liked the pic
The embattled, transphobic conspiracy theorist was confronted about the porn scandal by a guest caller during a live broadcast.
Rodrigo Alves Lasted Only Nine Days!
“Just because we have ‘Black Panther’ and ‘Love, Simon’ doesn’t mean we’re anywhere close to where we need to be."
How Will The Liberal View Shape Up With A Second Conservative?
How will the family cope with her passing?
“The saddest thing is when the family doesn’t know.”
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The series will be like Love Island but with an LGBTQ cast!
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