“We spent several days shooting this movie completely nude."
"...few individuals had the power to change the mindset of millions of people at that time, but Diana knew she was one of them..."
We're gonna need a towel...
A new film dives deeper into this troubled world.
Politicians, celebs, and everyone in between.
Anderson Cooper's long-time friend will be his New Year's Eve co-host.
‘My Friend Dahmer’ offers an unsettling look into the life of a would-be serial killer.
"...I can’t stress enough how important it is to seek help when your feeling down or in your darkest moments."
Nude photos of the 'Teen Wolf' star were leaked onto the internet, last year.
The Same-Sex Assault Comes After Harvey Weinstein Is Under Fire!
Even His Wife Is Abandoning Him For The Alleged Sexual Assaults!
And here's why it's not the second...
He's the first in what will be a collection of handsome men statues.
Oh, Pit Crew!
Oprah and Ellen had a hilarious grocery store adventure.
Nayyef Hrebid and Btoo Allami share their story with CNN.
The Houston Astros popped bottles to celebrate their win against the Boston Red Sox.
The newly-released clip just hit the web.
Said one man: "‘Gay’ has a certain lifestyle attached to it, which I don’t recognise myself in.”
The film opens October 13th...
“Hello gays! It’s me, Kathy Griffin, a genuine comedy fugitive.”
Lads from the Brit pop rock band bare their bottoms.
The Madonna Of Bolton seems like any gay's dream book
Claims RuPaul's Drag Race Will Never Be In Front Of Her Name!
Two great tastes that taste great together. ;)
Now that's how you celebrate a win!
Virgin Holidays makes video treating straight couple like a gay couple on vacation.