We don't really need a reason for why this happened.
"Behind every great woman... is another great woman"
His stripped down approach is a force of nature
"Your voices were amazing, you look amazing, you’re just so hot!"
The 22-year-old crooner surprised 60, 000 Taylor Swift fans at the Rose Bowl on Saturday
"Everything you've heard about me is true..."
Season 4 tackles working at a tech start up, white privilege, and the #MeToo movement!
Could this earn him a 2nd Oscar nod in two years?
Poor Meghan Markle.
After getting a warning from Youtube for his Eurvision parody, he has one question on his mind.
The story of a prince falling in love has never been like this before.
But who's the man behind the video?
The actor apologized via Facebook, even though he hasn't heard audio of the incident.
The bisexual singer will be working along with South Korean talent.
“Every actor should try full-frontal nudity," said the Westworld actor.
Next week, middle America will be rocking with LGBTQ bands from all over the US, the UK, and Australia!
Jim Parsons, Jonathan Van Ness, Ryan Murphy, and many, many more.
There's no front runner at this point and that's fine.
Having gay dads as extras in one scene caused the show to be cancelled? Really?
‘Is she tired? Was she sleeping when she tweeted that? What’s going on?’ Trump or Ru?
We’ve Made Some Interesting Discoveries!
The gay nightlife is fab, but so is the rest.
The adult film star is telling secrets in his last interview before retirement.
Tell your cluster.
...and they love it when you go down South
"I know some people want to see me naked. I'm cool with this."
"Will & Grace's" Leslie Jordan to star in a new comedy about the "cool kids" at a retirement home.
A fun twist on a notorious costume caught fire after Mark Hamill tweeted his approval.
Both Rita Ora and Cardi B have doubled down on bisexuality after fans complained.
The two divas have a musical message for young women