Was this just a cheap publicity stunt all along?
It's weird, campy, freaky-- and it's totally hot.
2-for-1 special.
Is the 30-year-old actor being forced to strip naked at gunpoint?
They made their official debut at the Emmys on Monday night.
This is the second time Lonsdale revealed his body online to talk about societal pressures.
The soccer star recently claimed a handsome Colombian singer was asking to see his junk before anyone else.
The 26-year-old clearly enjoys showing off on social.
Bald is beautiful, foreigners get our juices flowing, and a sense of humor is not wasted, but preferred.
The queer Philly artist's full-frontal snap is impressive for all kinds of reasons.
“why is it deemed wrong to not wear clothes?"
Burt Reynolds was one of the first.
He strips all the way down for the film 'The Outlaw King.'
Does he view his prolonged time in the industry as good, bad or indifferent?
It's *hard* not to appreciate this.
He's starring on a naked dating show, which is good news for us...
Take a look, bro!
Not sure if the word ‘community’ should even be used.
It's not just Henry Golding's tight, perfect stomach we're drooling over, either.
Jealousy goes both ways in this case.
He calls it 'platonic intimacy.'
Out of 'The Office' and into the shower.
This self-described 'nerd' gets our brains and other parts moving.
Idris, Nick, David, Gus... we are sweating already.
He calls him 'Uncle'.
Surf's up (pun intended).
This adorable couple has been going strong for almost a year now.
The 'Boogie Nights' star chilled out by a lake with a friend when the 'grabbage' happened.
We aren't talking about ketchup or mustard here.
A life-sized teddy bear for you to bring home.