He's not alone though...
'When ordering ice cream, I like to get all three scoops.'
10 x 7 folks. 10 x 7.
Oh no he didn't!
What a nice way to begin your 2018 with!
Ring in the New Year with this fine fine man!
Closing out 2017 with a bang...
'The Greatest Showman' star rocked a furry chest wonderfully.
47 looks really good on him.
The Viral Hot Cop Talks LGBTQ Love, Man Crushes, And SO Much More!
The background of where he is looks nice too.
Pinning Someone Down Is Now Effortless!
So much fur, so much beautiful fur.
We are beyond jealous of Sofia Vergara.
Not Appropriate For YouTube!
Sexy with a side of cute... ey.
Not sure if we will ever get tired of seeing this.
Zaddy AF!
Mistletoe is still accepted.
Many others got involved. It got serious. Seriously f****ng funny.
Happy Birthday, Ricky Martin!
He enjoyed a boat right with another studly friend.
A special thanks for them to all the Instinct Magazine readers.
Did your favorite make the 'cut'?
Lap it up!
Darren's revealing selfie had us blushing!
He has a pretty phenomenal back story too.
One guy claims to have the largest package on reality television.
He's also a brown belt in jiu-jitsu.
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