Who doesn't love a Hunky Santa?!
“Had a cracking day today…” (NSFW)
Jingle bells!
Sure he's tall, but there's that whole intelligence thing too.
The ‘All American Boy’ gave us a peek! (NSFW)
When they win, we all win!
Get your bibs ready folks...
It also stars Holly Hunter and Tim Robbins.
He's gorgeous to look at in any angle.
Tune In!
Preview the steamy photos and teaser video! (NSFW)
...playing with cookie dough, and we’re starving for more!
"the difference between an a** and a stallion is only in the way you hold yourself..."
Brandon's back with more steamy snaps! (NSFW-ish!)
Good 'Buy One, Get One' free deal here.
Being stuck in traffic with him must be heaven!
They look bigger than the bed itself.
How did William 'handle' the photo op?
Part Three In A 3-Part Travel Series For Gay Men
The Rowers actively seek to remove homophobia from sport, and promote inclusivity.
Kirk is causing quite the stir on Instagram!
Check out all of the bootylicious-ness!
His last name has a fun word in it.
We want to know your thoughts!
Part One In A 3-Part Travel Series For Gay Men
Very cheeky, Max! (NSFW)
Were you more of a Ronnie, Vinny, Pauly or Mike guy yourself?
In case you needed another reason to look forward to "American Crime Story"!
Mark Wahlberg makes a protein shake, and what were we talking about again...?
Offensive, Viral Photo Causes Couple To Delete Instagram!