Stuart Reardon strips off! (NSFW)
John Stamos celebrates in his birthday suit!
Liam Does Crunches Shirtless
One of the original homoerotic and beefcake magazines has succeeded it's kickstarter and is on the fast track to publication.
And here's why...
See a whole new side of Marlon Wayans.
With minimal tan lines, we might add... (NSFW-ish!)
You're gong to give us a fever, Nyle!
"But first"... let's take a look at the sexiest dudes to ever compete on Big Brother.
This is Not Safe For Work!
BB19's Mark makes us want to "backdoor" him even more now. :)
They're "double trou-bubble" in new sexy/funny NSFW-ish parody
Bello! (NSFW-ish!)
Don't drop that towel... (NSFW-ish)
When a diver and bodybuilder fall in love ... and show it in an adorable way!
And the Internet is determined to figure out what it is!
...Is The Bigger Distraction! (NSFW-ish!)
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Are We Really All That Different?
Take a bite out of this peach! (NSFW-ish!)
Or Thirsty!
"I’m joyfully going to put these things up my butt.”
The man is #blessed! (NSFW-ish!)
...Of A White Speedo! (NSFW)
Looking handsome, lads!
Serving eggplant!
About that tan line, though...
Benjamin Melzer and Loiza Lamers are the first trans models to pose for a PETA campaign.