Not a problem.
The before and after work this time around.
Gulp. Double gulp. All the gulps.
'Pitch Perfect' star Adam Devine is the latest...
How does one... even... get a bod like this?
Okay, we need to talk about Daddario's steamy gay scenes, like, now.
He'll flood your Instagram feeds and your pants
The dog in the photo is cute though!
Another week, another hot guy to lust over!
10's across the board, as RuPaul would say.
Did Instinct Interview A Millionaire?! 
That whole muscular, lumberjack thing is really working for him.
Those Calvins are a home run! Or, touchdown! Or, whatever!
The highly-anticipated season finale was revealing in more ways than one...
'Game Over, Man' was released yesterday... as was his nether regions.
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The hottest psychotherapist talks struggles, fitness and his favourite Spice Girl!
The 'America's Next Top Model' winner corrected him ASAP.
The bounce... THE BOUNCE!
The 43-year-old looks just as good (if not better) than he did during 'Cruel Intentions'
It's subtle, but... it's there all right.
It's a battle of the muscle-bound Olympians and we are here for it!
'Catch me Lucky Charms', 'Check out my four-leaf clover'... you get the gist.
'I would let Jeff Goldblum (redacted) my (redacted)'
He just broke up with his boyfriend after 9 years together.
Archie has no chill. And neither does our writer.
Tyler Oakley also chimes in on this idiocy.