Here's hoping he "receives" it!
Why bottoms should rely on each other for advice before "getting in."
You've never seen the 'Queer Eye' star like this before.
The Raging Stallion star has developed a major following in a short period of time.
Meet in this situation could be spelled "Meat", wink wink.
The internet wasn't ready for this.
That outfit though...
Who wound up on the bottom of the bunk though?
Was the 'DWTS' contestant & figure skater into it... or no?
We've seen his butt more than ours it seems.
So. Many. Trophies.
That sexy luger Chris Mazdzer will hopefully be shirtless at some point.
Or in this case, they are called 'Mer-Bros.'
He's also an industrial engineer, but that's probably not why you're clicking.
We. Are. Here. For. It.
He debated going to a premiere in a suit or shirtless.
Fifty Shades of oh my!
It's a hands-free photo this time around.
There was no 'Shame' in his toned up game.
The son of Alabama senator Doug Jones is too adorable to resist.
It ends with him adopting a super cute dog!
Bieber has something to get off his chest...
The crystal clear water in the background looks nice too!
One of the biggest porn stars of the 2010's never disappoints on or off camera.
One of 'the only ways' to enjoy our weekend.
Not a problem.
The before and after work this time around.
Gulp. Double gulp. All the gulps.
'Pitch Perfect' star Adam Devine is the latest...
How does one... even... get a bod like this?