Bless the random photographer who took these pics!
Second career perhaps?
That booty... THAT BOOTY!
Check out the NSFW fronts and backs of these gingers!
He draws, is sexy and is very fun to look at.
Looks like Max Small isn't so small after all.
Getting our paddles ready.
The hotness. THE HOTNESS!
This isn't the first time the sexy Swede has taken off his kit, either.
The 'Hey Queen!' mainstay is usually seen in nothing but his underwear.
If Love, Simon becomes a porn, can we keep the same cast starting with O'Donnell?
The shirtless adventures down under are worth the view.
They want to go beyond the usual six pack bodies we are used to seeing in those ads.
NSFW because, well, duh.
One's shirtless. One's a dog.
Candles blown.
The Czech Republic-born stunner has appeared on the cover of Men's Health and in campaigns for Gucci.
Adult film star, actor, singer... what can't he do?
This is hilarious.
‘Gimme More.’
Sign us up!
The 26-year-old heartthrob took his pants off for YouTube's series "Sideswiped."
Get your bibs ready for all that drool.
Stop disrupting our day... kidding.
Not like we had a chance (maybe).
Could the newly published author be any cuter?
How did we find this Go-Going charismatic cutie?
Brace yourself, folks.
Wardrobe highlights of this photoshoot include Versace briefs, a Nasty Pig Jockstrap, and a Neoprene Harness.