No Wonder We Have Daddy Issues!
Don't really have to use your brain here to realize how hot he is.
Is there anything else he can do to turn us on? Anything?
The acclaimed season two premiere keeps it all relative, and all NSFW!
The longtime partners married in 2014 after eight years with one another.
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Hot guys do have real problems, apparently.
'When the silver hair just started.'
The critical darling delivers in more ways than one...
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We may need the RPDR pit crew member to return now.
82% Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes AND unsimulated action? Sold.
The guys at Adonis Lounge in NYC break it down as they strip off.
The 'Eastsiders' stars headed to Vienna for some R&R.
Not really sure if he can get any hotter than this.
Flashback to Rio in his undies.
He thanked someone for dressing him, but we prefer the other way around.
We are GLEEful for his decision.
Can everyday be leg day?
The gorgeous singer is in just a towel, but we're the ones who are wet...
Welcome back, stud.
The newlyweds space looks inviting in many ways.
These photos are not for the faint of heart.
Looks like those leaked photos of Tom clearly don't bother him.
You're welcome...
A classic case of 'Who Would You Rather'.
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The wait is over...
His first nude scene in over 20 years does not disappoint...
He also reveals the strange photo requests he's gotten.