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Boomer Banks And Bruce Beckham Co-Host Mexico Earthquake Relief Fundraiser

Our world keeps getting hit with massive devastation in the past couple of months, and what has happened in central Mexico in the wake of their horrific earthquake is simply unimaginable.  It took place on September 19th and has claimed the lives of its residents and injured thousands of others, not to mention the damage it has caused to the country.

There have been a ton of fundraisers since then to raise money for the area and the victims, and there's one particular one coming up that is worth noting.  Why?  Because it is hosted by two insanely hot gay porn stars who are "coming together" for a good cause.  Nice pun, right?


Bruce Beckham and Boomer Banks will be co-hosting an event at Tijuana Picnic by Paper Magazine in New York City tomorrow night from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM, where the money raised from the event goes to Diego Luna & Gael Garcia Bernal's campaign with Ambulante.   So far, the campaign has raised close to $800,000 dollars.  Very impressive!



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If you live or are around the NYC area, you should definitely go.  Why?  One, your donation helps the victims out in this horrific tragedy.  Also, you'll be in between two dudes with higher than average peen size.  What's to lose?