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HIV+ Man Infects Boyfriend and Others--Then Brags About It

 You date a guy for a year, he tells you he's HIV-negative, you believe him because you're in love, then you learn from a Facebook posting your "boyfriend" is bragging about deliberately infecting people, including you, with his "positive load."

Nightmare? Nope, real life. Because that's what happened to a guy in San Diego. He claims that's exactly what his boyfriend, Thomas Guerra, 29, did.

“I don’t even know who I was living with,” the man, whose identity has not been disclosed, said. “I don’t know who I had fallen in love with. There are many people who are being hurt and could potentially still be hurt. It needs to stop.”

Guerra, also known as Ashton Chavez, is a landscape architect. He's now being charged by the San Diego City Attorney’s Office for willfully exposing himself to another person with HIV, a misdemeanor with a maximum sentence of six months and $1,000 fine.

After his accuser got the Facebook message from one of Guerra's ex-boyfriends warning him about Guerra, the accuser soon learned he was HIV-positive. He also claims to have found shocking text messages on Guerra’s phone, bragging to his friends about infecting people.

“Texts where he’s stating he’s negative to people then bragging to others about giving people his ‘positive load.’ It’s crude, it’s… I don’t know how someone could treat another individual like that,” he said.




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Jesus taught forgiveness and tolerance and acceptance. Just because he didn't agree with something he NEVER wished death or hatred. "You without sin cast the first stone" get it right. Once you learn that maybe you will make it to Heaven you intolerant jack ass.

Did they find any of the people he cheated with? And is it possible he stealthed them? So frightening. If you do not know what stealthing is gay or straight, look it up. There are actually guides on how to do it ! And these aren't for bug chasers. Sickening. I hope he gets felonies and a long time in prison. Also, people need to look at the differences between HIV and's not the 80's anymore. But, it doesn't make it not scary. (All this comes from a married lesbian with plenty of gay friends.)

What's interesting is if a man has HIV if there would be some sort of signs that he is ill both to himself and to those partaking, that said the failure to use protection from both partners (esp as the partners were meeting on grindr) raises disturbing questions....

This scenario is nothing new to the gay scene. They get HIV and all other stds then get angry then spread it to anyone and everyone they possibly can.

There is a guy in Birmingham Al. Named Robert, from Irondale, fat, pale with red hair, early 20's works in the banking industry who has HPV and spreads it like wildfire to totally unsuspecting partners. So BEWARE!


Your a closet case who hates himself then cause why the heck are you on a gay website if you think that of gays?  Go die you piece of garbage.

right back at you!

Oh, I'd love to be "infected by his love," but I already have HIV from my ex boyfriend who cheated on me. The truth is, I have no one to be angry at BUT MYSELF! It takes two to tango!




I got a question why are you on homosexual oriented magazine website to begin with? 

In order to attempt to convert (or destroy) the nasty homosexual beasts, I must unfortunately go to the dark places where these vermin dwell!

If my goal is maximum destruction and crush as many as possible under my thumb, then my tactics makes sense.


LMBO!! Good point!

Thanks for the support, Deana :)

Get a grip bible thumper

The Destroyer, or whatever his name is, is wrong for being rude and insulting BUT you are also wrong for using Bible thumper as a slur. You're offended by him calling you a fag, I'm sure. As a Christian who has gay friends, I am offended by you both. Tolerance goes both ways

suck it up, Deanna!

As you can see, Deana...

These gay creatures from Hell are vicious and are NOT God Fearing!  In fact, many of them are Atheists, since it is convenient for them to dismiss Our Heavenly Father, since the Bible strictly FORBIDS homosexuality and sexual perversion.

I wish you well in converting your gay friends to the righteous path....Do what you can to help them Pray Away The Gay!!

Hate the sin, love the sinner. Surely you don't think you're going to "convert" anyone by calling them fags and saying they're from hell, do you? If someone talked to me like that, I know I would run in the opposite direction. Hateful rhetoric will only drive people away, i.e. Westboro Baptist Church. Regardless of your beliefs regarding homosexuality, you should love your fellow man, as God loves us all.



How fucking stupid is your dumbass? Question for you did you not read the entire bible or just the parts that justify your idiocy? God says judge not les ye be judged!!! Also when did you have to make a choice between being gay or straight? And btw the lord himself made everyone and everything in his image!!

Destroyer. If you think you are representing God you are sadly mistaken. The Lord our God is not about destruction but re-building. You are of satan. He is all about destroying.

To Thee I say, You are a seriously disturbed faggot maggot who has been corrupted by the Dark Demons of the the Depths!

You are willfully chosen to go against the path of time honored and revered heterosexual society as it was created by our Father, The Lord.

YOU are the direct result of a twisted and disgusting sub- culture of perverts, pedophiles, sadists and inhuman freaks of nature which should have been aborted from the ungodly womb from whence they came.

Repent or burn in hell, you nasty beast!


The Destroyer of All Nasty Fags



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DID GOD TELL U this SHIT, in Person?

R U an Evangelist, or simply a Bitch?


why the capslock? Is He casting a spell or something? #Weird

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The guy deliberately caused people to get infected with a Deadly Disease!  and for those who do survive it  will have to take costly medications that have a lot of very adverse side affects which some can actually be worse than death!     Some people actually Suffer  worse from the side affects of the HIV medications that some people have to take in order to just stay alive.     Not everyone survives HIV!!   Some people come down with FULL Blown Aids and  end up with a nasty disease because the Aids that they end up developing from the HIV.   IN many cases the victim usually dies a horrible death.       

In my opinion  I think the man deserves the death penalty!

Jackson Shane I don't know where you get your information or what planet you live on, but your ignorance is so profound I almost didn't want to respond to you. Educate yourself because you are totally wrong about the meds for fighting hiv. They do not have adverse side effects that lead to death! most side effects are minimal and eventually fade away.HIV is not a deadly disease, AIDS is. And if one takes their HIV medication everyday they are pretty much guaranteed up never developing full blown AIDS. This holds true in the United States and every other advanced countrif you're going to share your opinion at least have an educated one an educated one.

If he had done this to me I would hunt his ass down and when I was finished he'd never be able to do it again. Then I'd message my friends and brag about it. I'd take my chances with a jury.

It's sad that no one here knows the real facts. I dated this man and he disclosed his status to me.

The man above is kind hearted, loveing and seeing how the media has smeared his name saddens me and hurts my heart.

Now I have not spoken to him in years nor do I know the truths behind this, but people need to protect themselves. Responsibility of one's own actions





California should strenghten the laws against knowingly spreading HIV. The creeps wouldn't pass it to their girlfriends why infect the gay community.

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my ex Rusty "Rooftop" did this to me.  Thankfully I was not infected, but it does happen.


my heart goes out to him, because he has been subject to the most disgusting human behavior imaginable. that man should be put away for attempted murder, life for a life.

Did you know it's safer to sleep with someone who knows their HIV+ and takes their meds than someone who thinks they're HIV- but isn't sure!

Provided the HIV positive person is honest and up front about it. The only people who can be sure they are HIV negative are those who have abstained from sex for three months after an HIV test in which they were negative. And even then, there is a tiny possibility the false negative can be a carrier. Probably the best way is to know someone very well for a very long time in order to reduce, not eliminate, risk.

"The only people who can be sure they are HIV negative are those who have abstained from sex for three months after an HIV test in which they were negative."

I think you meant those who make a test in which they are negative, AFTER having abstained for sex for 3 months.

That said, i never heard such a cruel story, poor guy !

Well in this day of age, people should no not to take someone at face value. Most people lie and he can't be mad at his bf without being mad at himself for being so stupid.

When done on purpose this is a CRIME and the BF can be prosecuted for preplanned murder even though the victim isn't dead.

One of the few times that stoning seems appropriate.


The only thing worse that someone who is HIV+ and having unprotected sex, is someone who is HIV- and having unprotected sex. It's pretty plain and simple, protect YOURSELF!

I think it is still better to date someone for a very long time before you actually do anything with him. This dude who is well endowed had a rubber on and yet it managed to somehow slip off while he was going to town on my behind. The guy climaxed while still inside me. I didn't get infected that time but never again. A condom alone won't protect you from HIV.

I feel bad for this person and hopefully someone will read this story and understand that you must get tested, tested,tested, tested and tested...often. You and your partner. I agree that this story being run is probably premature, but in any event lets hope in some way it will at least help one person.

I need to understand this. Instinct Publishing is running a story like this with this man's name, age, city, and photo before he is proven guilty to these accusations?  What this company has reported is VERY SERIOUS and for the entire WORLD to see. They have provided the world enough information for anyone who wanted to, to locate this man, torture him, kill him, anything.

i must say I am certainly not defending this mans alleged actions as it would be my worst nightmare, HOWEVER, to release a story like this is disgusting and reckless on Instinct's part. It's shameful and has now put this guy at serious risk of a ruined reputation or being killed. 

Let's all hope what's been reported is in fact true. Makes you think twice though doesn't it? 

How would you like it if YOU were dating someone who was a slut and got HIV because they were sleeping around on you, then to hide it when you were looking the other way... sent some random messages from your phone and Facebook then accused YOU of doing these horrible things?

I'm sorry, but I will never EVER support Instinct or it's advertisers ever again. This is inexcusable to report before he is convicted.

JOSH: Take ur meds

and stop all sex

and communication with the world!

Did you not read that he is being charged with a crime? W/hen you are charged with a crime your personal information becomes PUBLIC RECORD. Instinct magazine is doing nothing illegal, retaliatory, vindictive or wrong. Guilty or innocent it doesn't matter. Get charged with a crime and your information is in the public realm. Get a grip.

Tell you what Bart... I'm going to do a trace on your IP address and find out where you live and what your name is. THEN, I'm going to call your local police department and explain to them that you raped me after you got me drunk. After you're charged with the crime of rape and it becomes public record, every news outlet is gojng to show your mugshot, age, name, city and speak of my accusations as if you're guilty!  But wait.. What's that you say? They shouldn't do that until you've gone to trial and been convicted? Oh but bart. It's public record.


Instinct published this so that you and me don't date this guy and get his 'positive load'. The former boyfriend already saw what was done to him. I don't need a jury of my peers to convict the 'suspect' before I watch out for my own behind. Instinct did the right thing as a service to the community, but there will always be some people who will be hostile to others tryring to help them. The option of Instinct keeping this story all to themselves could result in further people getting infected. Thank you, Instinct, for doing the unselfish thing.

I stopped reading what you had to say after your very first sentence. YOU DO NOT KNOW IF HIS IS POSITIVE OR NOT AND NEITHER DOES INSTINCT!

what instinct did was not unselfish it is reckless!

Instinct wasn't the first to report this. I saw this on my local news before I read it here and I saw a link to another article on a different site through Facebook. Regardless of Instinct reporting it, it's public knowledge once he's charged. You shouldn't blame them.

Just because other news outlets behave irresponsibly doesn't mean instinct should be able to get away with it. All media outlets including this one will be held accountable for this sort of reckless reporting. It doesn't make this report any less irresponsible simply because other media outlets reported this.  This man has NOT been convicted of any crime... Yet. And until he is, public record or not, this is not right.

Josh: This asshole f*cking u too?

He bragged on Facebook about intentionally giving his "positive load". If he is not really HIV positive, then you need to yell at him, not at Instinct nor at me. 

You need to stand corrected. There were messages sent FROM his Facebook privately to other people "bragging" about a "positive load". His boyfriend could have easily got on this guys Facebook and sent those messages

Thank you, my thoughts exactly, people on the the internet believe everything to be fact; this story could quite possible enable someone to want to kill him....

Weather it be a protect your self issue or not, the man deserves to be put to death!!! If he is maliciously going about and spreading the infection then he needs to be put to an end!!! The Supreme Court ruled on an issue like this and the sentenced the man to life in prison and then ended up killing him with lethal injection for the second case!!! I agree if you decided to alter the existence of one humans life on this planet then the same should happen to you 

I know of an incident in South Africa which happened which was exactly the same. The saddest part was the negative lover also tested positive and committed suicide. This is so sad to see/read and men should never trust their partners without proper tests and I feel both partners should go regularly together for tests to protect each other.

Hey even though.I engaged in protected sex always, I got the HIV virus from someone ejaculating in my eye, huge shock

People are so silly, it is a death sentence cause everyday your dying, they pump you with drugs so you can live and not feel all the side effects of the illness. It is an insideous disease and the dude should be hung up by his infected load so he no longer can alter peoples existence.

People like the disease spreader is just typical of the trashy type of people taking over this society. To knowingly spread a disease and then brag about it is pure evil. That's why God honors marriage and the bed is undefiled. I don't care straight, homo, down low, tranie. People need to repent, there will be no whoremongers in heaven.

Tina: What about Lesbians?

Becky, cure yourself of dreadful spelling and punctuation before preaching miracles please! Lots of love, Alastair xxx

Becky.......please stop making shit up and trying to pass it off as fact .

Yeah Becky, like Fuck off. like Who the fuck is you, bitch?

people like this need chemical castration as its the only way they will stop willfully infecting others 

I agree cause he's killing people, take it off

Becky how can we get in touch?

Post as Anonymous and leave your email...not the brightest crayon in the box, huh?

You are responsible to protect yourself..if you have unprotected sex now a days its your own fault..its not my place to protect protect yourself..

You're not wrong, you're just a cold heartless bitch. Let's blame the victim.

I always thought if your HIV + & willfully passed on the HIV virus you were charged with attempted Murder !!! Why has the Law been Changed ??

The laws concerning this are different in EVERY STATE.

This is a tragic story, on many levels. However, in US law, you are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. It is not ethical to post the accused perpetrators' name and photo. Socially speaking, we are already condemning him, when nobody has even heard what he has to say.  ...Relationhips are complicated. Breakups are light years more complicated; when it comes to people's emotions, memories and stories about how it all unfolded. 

Journalism was once emphatically non-biased in its delivery. This article is far from neutral, and certainly has a biased tone. This is a one-sided story about a two-person relationship. There is no way for any of us to fairly judge either of the people in this relationship. 

That said, this does bring up a lot of important thoughts and questions about trust, health, responsibility and navigating safely forward in our lives. Though, again, we do not know enough to pass judgment on either of these men involved. We should not publicly know the accused's name, and we certainly should not see his face. At this point, that is unethical. Please, let us continue to be kind to each other. Let us be sincere and forthcoming. For the most part, as gay people, we are. Sadly, some people are dishonest and cruel as this article implies. Spread Love, not judgment. 

Love to you guys~

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Things like this happen in the STRAIGHT COMMUNITY ALSO, I do know a few straights people who got infected like this, VERY SAD.

That's the reason it's important if you ARE NEGATIVE, to make sure that the person you are sleeping with get tested, or  BOTH OF YOU CAN GET TESTED TOGETHER.

I felt many emotions after recently testing positive, and anger at the person who infected me was one of them. Ultimately, however, it was my fault for letting someone bareback me - regardless of him telling me he was negative.

I'm on Stribild now and already have an undetectable viral load. The person who infected me was turned over to the appropriate authority, and all I really hope that happens is that he gets treatment ASAP so his virus is under control. It's not cheap, that's for sure, but there are programs that can help.

What this person did was wrong, no question, but these punitive HIV laws need to be repealed. Do we have laws for people who intentionally infect for other STIs? NO! The stigma over HIV is perpetuated with these laws.

As a gay man, I am disgusted by this story. To think there are people out there in this world who would PURPOSELY infect people with HIV is just sick. There are also those in the world who purposely seek it, and they are just as sick as those others...

I feel for the people who were infected without their consent. It's beyond scary. You're with someone, you trust him, and he lies to you...and then to add insult to injury, he is bragging about it. :-(

Everyone has a right to protect themselves. We need to start taking responsibity for our actions and inactions. Proof is in the writing and unless we see such ... no barebacking.

And this is why condoms are in stores. I litterally seen 4 diferent brands at a gas station. But I do agree. Knowingly giving someone hiv should have a harsher punishment.

You couldn't wait until this was proven?  This could simply be a jealous ex's idea of destroying someone.  Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?  Now his life could be ruined and this could all be a lie.

And ANYBODY bare-backing knows that they are taking a risk no matter what the other tells them.

I'm not trying to defend him but internet lynch mobs gather far too easily these days.

If you bareback you should assume they have HIV an any/every other STD.  Doesn't matter if they got tested 3 weeks ago.  You BB, you take the risk.  Takes 2 to tango.  And how do we know this is not some vicious attack on an ex????  I have seen internet drama before.

but you have hiv

I agree with you. Everybody is innocent until proven guilty. Don't believe everything the minute you hear or read it people. 

So in other words, you would at this point date the guy, huh? Innocent till proven guilty, right? Gimme an effing break

Right, cuz none them were bug chasers.

they need to have him charged with attempted murder for the least , if you know your status you should always be honest with it! lying about it is just a cop out ! people like him should be charged to the fullest extent of the law, it just not right!

I don't know where you live John but here in the United States HIV is considered a chronic manageable disease now. It's not a death sentence. However, I think what he faces is WAY to lenient 

At the very least, it should be assault. A 'misdemeanor' sounds like a very bad joke, but apparently it's the law. You think you would have seen it all by now, but nope.

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