John Boyega and Oscar Isaac Read Thirsty Fan Tweets

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is out and that means the cast is out marketing the film by appearing on several talk shows and YouTube channels.

One such channel is Buzzfeed, which has the hilarious running series of celebs reading thirst tweets.

And who are the lucky celebrities getting a scary look at the obsessions of their fans? It’s none other than John Boyega and Oscar Isaac.

Of course, we’re talking about them here because they’re two hot guys who happen to play two hot guys we’d all love to see link up (and not just hook up).

But, it seems that lots of fans want to get these two men to themselves.

"Sexy ways to spice up the bedroom: wear an Oscar Isaac mask,” one fan tweeted.

“‘I want John Boyega to explore my guts,” another posted.

If you want to check out more of these thirsty fan tweets, you can watch the video down below.