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LOL: 10 Best 'Miss Vanjie' Memes Are Revealed!

You gotta give Vanessa Vanjie Mateo some serious credit here as her repeatedly stated phrase of "Miss Vanjie" while making her exit on episode one of RuPaul's Drag Race season 10 might just be the show's most memorable moment so far this year. 

It's incredible that a queen who went out first has developed quite a following for simply saying those two words on repeat (I mean, does anyone really remember who was eliminated first the past couple of seasons?  I'll wait), and that catchphrase has inspired some of the most hysterical memes to hit the internet this year. 

The lovely people at MsMojo (who have posted a ton of RPDR lists over the past couple of years), decided to get in on the fun and post what they think are the 10 best Miss Vanjie memes out there.  

This includes a remix of Katya's verse from "Read U, Wrote U," ("But your dad just calls me 'Miss Vanjie,'"), watching a Little Mix member try to do a Jamaican accent as Miss Vanjie, Call Me By Your Vanjie, and oh, so much more.  Take a look: 



You mean RuVealed

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