RuPaul's Drag Race: All Stars

Another MAJOR CONSPIRACY THEORY Emerges About 'All Stars 3'!

A couple of weeks ago, Instinct Magazine's readers were positively gagged when news came out about the wild conspiracy theory regarding the latest season of All Stars 3.

To catch you up, season one winner (and current AS3 contestant) Bebe Zahara Benet's presence on the show has come into question, as one particular Facebook user thinks that she really is a judge alongside RuPaul and co and not competing to win the crown.  Scandalous.

Now, another conspiracy theory has emerged about the stunning Bebe and her reasoning for coming back.  Rumor has it that she is actually there to help past All Stars winners Chad Michaels and Alaska 5000 pick who will return to the competition.

Although it isn't as juicy as the first conspiracy, it could make sense given that Bebe has spent so much time with her fellow competitors up to now, and could help Alaska and Chad make an educated decision on who should return to the competition.

As of now (spoiler alert if you are still catching up on AS3), four queens have sashayed away: Morgan McMichaels, Thorgy Thor, Milk and most recently Chi Chi DeVayne.  Bebe has been middle of the road the whole time, minus the second episode in which she made top three but not top two.  The original theory stated that she would skate through the whole competition never being in the top or the bottom at all.  So far, that theory is pretty much on the nose.

Which theory would you rather see play out, All Stars 3 fans?  Let us know! 


A Boring Snatch Game Leads to a Predictable Elimination on 'All Stars 3'

The first 3 episodes of RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 3 have been a lot more entertaining than I thought they would be.  This group of girls is making the drama work in a much different way than last season, as its less "RuPaul's Best Friend Race" and a lot more "RuPaul's Let's Be Totally Strategic and Get You The Fuck Out" race.

After seeing an incredibly satisfying elimination in Milk last episode, I was fully expecting to see another major contender go home last night.  That almost happened, and I'm left today wondering why it didn't.

This episode is dedicated to the one that we always tune in for more than any others, Snatch Game. This concept at one point was more lighthearted and fun, but as time has gone by, it truly has become the one to watch as it separates the legends from the meh's of the competition.  

In past seasons, the one who wins Snatch Game generally has a great chance of winning the crown in the end (Bianca Del Rio, Jinkx Monsoon and Bob the Drag Queen have all won).  This is the smallest group we have ever had for Snatch Game, only seven competitors, which works because we can really watch them under a magnifying glass compared to previous seasons where there's so much editing its hard to really figure out who did well and who didn't.

Two of the seven queens won Snatch Game in their original season: Kennedy Davenport (Little Richard) and BenDeLaCreme (Dame Maggie Smith).  Shangela (Tina Turner), Aja (Alyssa Edwards) and Chi Chi DeVayne (Eartha Kitt) were all safe in their season.  Trixie never got to do Snatch Game, and Bebe's season didn't include it (it was introduced in season 2).  That makes this a lot more interesting as it's all spread out and the thought of who could come out on top is anyone's guess at this point.

Before that, we have some manufactured drama between Shangela and Trixie, the latter of which posted a letter from Thorgy that pretty much told Shangela to fuck off.  This is... just stupid.  Trixie is better than this, and it just seems very "thrown in".  

Snatch Game had no "guest" judges, so they used Michelle Visage and Carson Kressley.  The surprise this season was that Tony and Emmy award winner Kristin Chenoweth would be joining the seven others on the panel.  I think this is a GREAT idea, and one that should be used in the future as it gives another element of judging when it comes to how well the queens can do against an actual celebrity.  Also, Kristin was one of the best up there, which says a lot about who is left.

The best of Snatch Game was once again BenDeLaCreme, who expertly portrayed Paul Lynde.  His snappy one liners and his sudden body movements evoked Paul in an incredible way, further proving that DeLa really should be the one to win this in the end.  Shangela, who changed from Miss Cleo to Jenifer Lewis last minute, did the right thing and played her incredibly well.  It also helps that she has a close relationship with Jenifer, so it must have been a "don't fuck it up" situation as she could've lost a friend due to a bad impersonation of her.  Kidding, Shang.

Aja could've been more in the top if we saw her more.  I know who Crystal LaBeija is, and kudos to her for choosing such an iconic person in gay history.  Bebe, who is once again "safe" (conspiracy theory) chose Grace Jones, and actually made her funny to an extent.  Bebe, if you aren't the mole this season, then please do something to prove why you won in the first place.

The bottom three are Trixie for her RuPaul impersonation, Chi Chi for doing Maya Angelou, and Kennedy for doing Phaedra Parks.  Ugh.  These three. Trixie did her impersonation of RuPaul during the season 7 finale, and while it was cute, it isn't exactly what is needed for Snatch Game.  She came off as forced, similar to Milk's role in The Bitchelor, and it just wasn't good. 

Chi Chi didn't even know how to spell Maya's name right, so I'm gonna leave it at that.  Kennedy doing Phaedra could've been funny, but she couldn't get it together.  What a fall from grace: you win your original season and almost get eliminated this time.

Ben and Shangela are once again top two (I smell a trend here), and we get two gags before the episode is over.  For one: they both win the lip sync, meaning that they could send two queens home.  Ben, predictably, sends home Chi Chi, which is strategic and smart given that she's been in the bottom four times.  Shangela could've easily given us major life and sent Trixie home, given their scuffle earlier on in the episode, but she also sends home Chi Chi.  Womp womp.

Next week: Andy Warhol! Yay!

Who Has the Best Chance at Winning 'RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 3'?

RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 3 is down to its final seven contestants, as, SPOILER ALERT, Milk, Thorgy Thor and Morgan McMichaels have already sashayed away.  Womp womp.

Tonight's episode is a crucial one, and also the one we wait for no matter what the season is: Snatch Game.  It really does separate the ladies from the girls, as the ones who either win or become top three in this challenge have a great chance at winning the season overall (Bianca Del Rio, Jinkx Monsoon, Bob the Drag Queen, etc.)

That being said, let's breakdown the final seven queens and see who has the best, the middle, and the worst shot at winning the coveted crown and joining in the ranks of previous winners Chad Michaels and Alaska

7. Chi Chi DeVayne.  In the preview of this week's episode, Chi Chi reveals that she is playing legendary poet Maya Angelou.  I don't want to sound apprehensive, but I have to wonder where she will go with that as its almost insulting to do a caricature of someone on that stature.  Chi Chi has been in the bottom all three weeks so far, and has gotten lucky with why she has stuck around (Morgan opened her mouth, so did Thorgy, and MIlk pissed off Kennedy).  If she lands in the bottom tonight, it won't surprise me if she gets sent home.  Then again, they could keep her around and get rid of stronger competition, but I'm not entire sure that will happen. 

6. Trixie Mattel.  Yes, I have no problem putting her here.  Trixie is great, but has been middle of the road the entire time.  I understand that she may have made top 2 last week had Milk just shut up a bit, but she's falling into the same pattern that she did last time: safe.  I also worry that her impersonation of RuPaul during Snatch Game tonight will fall flat, and put her in the bottom two, but then again there could be a surprise and she'll do great.  But she has to get out of this position that she's in, because it won't read well in the long run.

5. Bebe Zahara Benet.  We don't know yet if she's actually a contestant (that Handmaid's Tale theory is still working to this point) but Bebe is falling into the same category that Trixie is in terms of being middle of the road.  If she really is a contestant, its not working for her.  And I don't understand why she wasn't in the bottom and Aja was last week, but we will see if whatever rabbit she pulls out of her hat tonight makes her safe again.

4. Aja.  I go back and forth between Aja and my third place contestant.  I have to give Aja some mad props as she has elevated her art of drag to the umpteenth power this season, especially with the radiating looks she's given on the runway.  Where she falters, however, is her acting.  The Bitchelor wasn't her shining moment, same as what got her sent home in Season 9 during the 90210 parody.  She brings it in fashion, not in acting, which is the exact opposite as...

3. Kennedy Davenport.  I was so hesitant about her in the beginning, as I didn't care for Kennedy's attitude that much during season 7.  She was someone who was in the middle of the pack for the first two episodes, but man did that change during The Bitchelor and her party girl persona.  Kennedy can act, she's great at it and does these characters amazing.  Her fashion is a bit dated, which concerns me as well but then again Chad Michaels also had that pattern in season 4 and then came back to All Stars and slayed, so I'm neck and neck with Kennedy and Aja at this point. 

2. Shangela. She came ready to play this season, it was evident.  She definitely came ready to play in season 3, but wasn't developed yet (lack of sewing, confidence issues, etc).  This time around, she knows what the fuck she's doing and is playing it to the Halleloo power and its working.  Not one challenge has she been bad in, and her Mariah Carey impersonation was on point.  Shangela's fashion has gotten way better over the years, and her comedy/acting has always been there, so it will be a race to the finish to see if she can really prove that third times a charm. 

1. BenDeLaCreme.  Ben is the odds on favorite to win for most of the people I talk to, and I completely agree with them.  Ben has overtly excelled in everything so far, yet has done it without the ego that we sort of saw in season 6.  She had a hurricane and a shady elephant to deal with in her season (Bianca and Darienne Lake, respectively) which made it tougher for her to get to the end.  As of now, the coast is clear, and I would be thrilled to see her snatch the trophy and become the second queen from Seattle to win big on RPDR

Who do you think has the best chance of winning All Stars 3

'RPDR' Pit Crew Legend Jason J. Carter on His Amazing Rise in Entertainment!

Jason J. Carter could be placed in the Guinness Book of World Records at some point, as he is currently the longest running pit crew member on the wildly popular RuPaul's Drag Race and RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars.

The hunky and charismatic gentleman has appeared in tons of challenges since his entrance into the werk room in season 3, and since then has had become one of the biggest parts of the show as it continues to grow and cements itself into pop culture history.

There is a lot more to Jason outside of sporting a pair of underwear and livening up the mini-challenges, as he is a quadruple threat of sorts as he also models, hosts, and is a men's lifestyle expert as well.  Did we also mention he's handsome?  There's that too, but, um... duh.

Jason sat down with us at Instinct to discuss his time on the show, his thoughts on the wild ride All Stars 3 has been (including the controversial Milk) and what else he has going on for 2018.  Check it out.

You have been the longest running pit crew guy now, going since season 3.  What do you think has helped you last this long?

I would like to say it's my charming personality hehe, no but I would attribute my stay on the show to my work ethic. Talent is a dime a dozen in this industry, but ethic is not. Being on time, taking direction, being multi-faceted, those are basic things that a lot of people believe it or not can't deliver. Also people want to work with someone who just wants to have a great time with a good attitude. I am always so humbled by the experience I've had on the show. 

When you started on the show, RPDR was gaining some momentum in the cultural stratosphere.  Did you ever think it would get to where it is now?

Absolutely! It's so amazing to see the level of global notoriety the show has. There was and is nothing like it on television. Drag Race was a show that pop culture was starving and hungry for but didn't know it.

Even for myself, when I watch the show, I still get chills of excitement because there is something about it that is so unique and Avant Garde.  It's funny… even though I get the most behind the scenes experience of the show, I am a fan myself so watching it with the rest of the world is like me being just one the millions who adore it. And that's when you know it's magical.

Are you absolutely loving All Stars 3 this season?  Have you been shocked by anything that's happened so far, in particular Milk's attitude?

All Stars is definitely intense. I love it because every queen that sashays into the workroom is an All Star with something to give. Drag Queens are like mutants, they all have a unique power that makes them stellar. All Stars seems to raise the stakes and shines a light on why they were chosen to return. I personally love the drama of it all haha.

It’s clear that some of the girls have scores to settle from their respective seasons or something they want to show to the world that they may not have gotten a chance to. Oh, and you had to ask me about Milk didnt ya? Haha. Well me and Bryce (Eilenberg) always joke that Milk is fifteen pounds away from being a Pit Crew member because he definitely has body and a face to die for.  I've always said that he was stunning in and out of drag as well.

I think his attitude this season may be a little off putting because it can read cocky and a little entitled to some, but in all actuality I think he's just a serious contender in the way Phi Phi O'Hara was.  This is a competition and you have to go in knowing who you are and what you bring to the table. Again, this is All Stars. The best of the best.  That, and I think you grow a lot after your season on the show and really cultivate a sense of what your strengths are.  Milk knows who he is and makes no excuses for how he feels.  There is something to be said for that. 

Do you have an all-time favorite moment on the show, and if so, what is it?

I have so many moments on the show, it’s hard to pin point just one. But I’ll never forget my second season on the show, Season 4.  Ru had given me a speaking part in the episode called "Stuck in Tuckahoe.”  I had the opportunity to act alongside Latrice Royale and I just remember production giving me my lines and saying "don’t fuck it up,” lovingly, It was one of the only times back then that we got to interact with the queens and it was But to be brutally honest, every moment I get to spend with my Pit Crew brothers and with the crew is a fond memory. We are making history. The real fun happens when the cameras aren't rolling. Joking with Ru. Talking music with Michelle. Gossiping with Jen Fregozo, our makeup artist. Those are also some of the best parts of the whole experience.

What's your relationship like with Bryce?  You two come off very brotherly like but, um... in a sexy way.

Haha, Bryce is wonderful. You know, Bryce is one of my favorite people. We get along famously, and he is soooooo interesting. I've always been the more outgoing Pit Crew member of the two of us. I'm the balls to the wall crazy one, while Bryce is more laid back and practical.

Honestly, he keeps me grounded while shooting. He is always up for good conversation and lets me vent about everything and anything. Then he tells me I'm being ridiculous and to snap out of it.  It's a very yin and yang sort of occurrence. He's for sure one of the smartest people I know. People always try to say we have a "thing" going on but that's not true. He's a straight male that is supportive and at home with those in the LGBTQ community and is so comfortable in his own skin. People online felt it was unfair for Ru to cast a white cis gender male instead of another LGBTQ member when adding to the Pit Crew and Bryce really handled that in stride. He is kind and just a joy to hang with. Such a stand-up kind a guy. Oh, and did I mention he’s a great singer too?

What has the exposure from this show given you in terms of opportunities and furthering your career?

The show has definitely given me more of an audience and following to connect with people all across the world. I've been able to travel and meet the fans the world over. Drag Race fans come from all walks of life. Living in L.A. and working in this industry, it’s nice to meet casting directors; talent executives, etc. that recognize me from the show and actually take the time to see what I’m really about. To see that I'm more than just the guy in his underwear on television. I would say the most important thing the show has done has given me a avenue to show how multi-faceted I am and what talents I have. That to me is priceless. 

Outside of RPDR, what are you currently working on?

I have always been a host and an on-camera personality. Since the age of sixteen, that's been my true passion. From television to radio: I’ve done it all. Currently I am a host for the largest online YouTube news show in the world, The Young Turks. I am also a co-host of the pop culture magazine show called PopTrigger and a correspondent for other shows on the network. I am a men's lifestyle expert, so I get to connect with men across the country and show them ways to be their best selves.

Lots of exciting things are happening in 2018 that I can't talk about yet, but when I do ill make sure Instinct Magazine gets the first tweet. 

For more on Jason J. Carter, check out his IG here, and his Twitter here.

Listen To RuPaul's New Album "Diva's Live"

A few days ago, RuPaul released an album made up of two song medleys in a conjoined effort with the current All Stars Season of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

In the album Ru had fellow drag queens (most from All Stars) sing as female icons.

In “Divas Live, Pt. 1” Milk sings as Celine Dion, Kennedy Davenport sings as Janet Jackson, Aja sings as Amy Winehouse, and Chi Chi DeVayne sings as Patti LaBelle.

Then Pt. 2 has Trixie Mattel as Dolly Parton, Shangela as Mariah Carey, Thorgy Thor as Stevie Nicks, BenDeLaCreme as Julie Andrews, and Bebe Zahara Benet as Diana Ross.

If you're thinking, "I'll pass," I'd recommend checking the music out. If only for Julie Andrews (bless).

Don’t believe me? Check out the songs down below.