Another MAJOR CONSPIRACY THEORY Emerges About ‘All Stars 3’!

A couple of weeks ago, Instinct Magazine's readers were positively gagged when news came out about the wild conspiracy theory regarding the latest season of All Stars 3.

To catch you up, season one winner (and current AS3 contestant) Bebe Zahara Benet's presence on the show has come into question, as one particular Facebook user thinks that she really is a judge alongside RuPaul and co and not competing to win the crown.  Scandalous.

Now, another conspiracy theory has emerged about the stunning Bebe and her reasoning for coming back.  Rumor has it that she is actually there to help past All Stars winners Chad Michaels and Alaska 5000 pick who will return to the competition.

Although it isn't as juicy as the first conspiracy, it could make sense given that Bebe has spent so much time with her fellow competitors up to now, and could help Alaska and Chad make an educated decision on who should return to the competition.

As of now (spoiler alert if you are still catching up on AS3), four queens have sashayed away: Morgan McMichaels, Thorgy Thor, Milk and most recently Chi Chi DeVayne.  Bebe has been middle of the road the whole time, minus the second episode in which she made top three but not top two.  The original theory stated that she would skate through the whole competition never being in the top or the bottom at all.  So far, that theory is pretty much on the nose.

Which theory would you rather see play out, All Stars 3 fans?  Let us know! 


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