10 Furry Celebrities We Are Crushing on in 2019

Credit: Nick Jonas Instagram

Furry dudes appear to be all the rage lately.

Studies have shown that men with beards are more likely to be considered long-term relationship material than our cleanly-shaven brothers.


Not only that but there are major events across the world (like Texas Bear Round Up and Bear Week) that embrace who we are as a furry culture. We also keep you extra warm in the wintertime. Wink wink.

There are several male celebrities who have only enhanced their sexiness due to how great their body and facial hair look. This ranges from beards to chest hair to other parts of their body only seen in an R-rated movie (or a thirsty Instagram post. We see you Nick Jonas).

Take a look at 10 of them that get our engines going when it comes to the fur they’re supplying.

Donald Trump Seriously GIF by NRDC - Find & Share on GIPHY

Billy Eichner

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Jordan Peele

Thats Crazy GIF by Nick Jonas - Find & Share on GIPHY

Nick Jonas


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Winston Duke

Zach Galifianakis Comedy GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Zach Galifianakis


Jon Hamm


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Kevin Owens

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Tyler Labine


Idris Elba


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Ricky Martin

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