Pull That Lever! 10 Smoking Hot Guys Who Proudly Voted in This Election

Credit: Ruben Rodriguez Instagram

This week’s Instahotties recap is all about those guys who proudly go into a booth by themselves. They’re happy to be in complete isolation while pulling on a big lever in order to take their task to completion.

We are of course talking about the men who happily voted in this year’s presidential election! Many of these smoking hot fellas took to their social media to announce that they did so afterwards in outfits that distracted us from their adorable vote sticker that they placed on their bodies (both high and low).


Take a look at 10 that caught our eyes the most.

Matt Belvedere demanded you focused on his chest area. 



Wolf Hudson acted all cute and stuff with his vote.


Jaymes Vaughan and his vote sticker chilled in the pool.


Max Emerson voted and encouraged others to do so while taking his shirt off.


Asia O’Hara struck a fierce pose in a fierce shirt.


Moe Cooper stuck his voting sticker in a very yummy area.

Rick n Griff voted early before their fab vacay.


Ryan Oji’s vote was received and counted.


Wendell B got in a good workout after his vote. 

Jase Woodruff was the hottest daddy at the voting booths.


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