Zachary Quinto Leaves Little to the Imagination: See Sexy Photo

Credit: Zachary Quinto Instagram

Election Day has left millions of us feeling uneasy as the race for POTUS has still not been decided. We had a hard time sleeping and woke up in an anxious state over it as we don’t know who will come out on top between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

It’s always good to be distracted during times like these especially when its something that’s beneficial to your eyesight. That being said, let us present you with the dreamy and delicious Zachary Quinto! We’ve been crushing on this guy for years from his time on the NBC series Heroes all the way to his critically acclaimed performance in the film version of The Boys in the Band

The hunky 43-year-old left little to the imagination ahead of Election Day when he spent a day in the sun on Sunday, November 2. He posted an Instagram story of him wearing nothing but a black speedo where his toned body and bulge were right on point.

Credit: Zachary Quinto Instagram

Yowzah! But wait… there’s more! If Zachary doesn’t pique your interest we have a couple of other men that could turn that Election Day frown upside down.

Take for instance fellow actor Ryan Phillippe who constantly brings it, sexy wise, on Instagram. Or you could enjoy all of (and we do mean all of) Legendary star Jarrell Gorgeous Gucci. We also can’t forget Chris Evans, who accidentally showed his Captain America to the world earlier this year.

Hope this helped with your Election Day fatigue. 

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