20 Years Later, Jennifer Lopez & Hex Hector Continue To Make Dance History With “Waiting For Tonight”

The collaborations of Hex Hector & Mac Quayle are always a true dance floor experience. Whether it’s a classic Whitney Houston anthem (“I Learned From The Best”) or a rare and absolutely amazing track from Regine Belle (“I’ve Had Enough”), this duo always created an absolutely majestic dance floor experience with their productions. 

So much so, that Jennifer Lopez utilized Grammy winner Hex Hector’s  remix (for her solo set) when she took the stage with Shakira at last weekend’s Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Show. As she twirled in gravity defying fashion on a pole, the green lasers behind her let us know that one of her quintessential anthems would be delivered in grand fashion. 

As soon as the first few beats of the “Momentous Mix” were played during the performance, social media lit up, with posts and tags flying, complimenting both remixer Hex Hector and engineering/programming master Mac Quayle. The mix gained so much attention that Leonard James Images crafted a remix video featuring both the original classic video from “Waiting For Tonight”, but merging in some of the glorious footage from Lopez’s solo performance during the Super Bowl. James ended up creating a stunning visual tribute to both a now legendary Super Bowl performance that was paired gorgeously with a dance floor masterpiece. 

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