24 Hours After Overdose Scandal, Miami Escort Deletes Social Media Accounts

Travis Dyson / @Ivbrazil: Instagram

In less than 24 hours after a meth overdose scandal rocked the political world and all but derailed the rise of Tallahassee, Florida Mayor Andrew Gillum, the focus has turned toward Travis Dyson, the gay male escort at the center of the story.

By now, you probably know Gillum quickly ascended as a star of the Democratic party when he competed against Ron DeSantis in Florida’s midterm gubernatorial race. Gillum challenged DeSantis in an intense, racially-fueled battle for the seat, and accused him of using voter suppression tactics and sabotaging voting machines in urban areas.


Ultimately DeSantis claimed victory, and Gillum conceded the race. By then however, Gillum’s star had risen. He was celebrated as a new, young Obama-like figure who had the talent, demeanor, and intellect to usher in a new generation of game-changers in the Democratic party. Quickly his name became synonymous with future presidential possibilities, and at the very least, he was considered to be a short-list contender for Vice President in the 2020 election.

Andrew Gillum / Instagram

All that promise seemed to dissipate on March, Friday the 13th. Gillum was thrust into the spotlight for a reason anything but celebratory. In essence, that morning, he was discovered in a luxury Miami hotel room (allegedly semi-dressed) with Dyson, a gay male escort (allegedly naked). A third man and associate (association not clear) entered the room and found the two men under physical distress. Gillum was vomiting in the bathroom as Dyson, in early stages of cardiac arrest, walked over to the bed and collapsed from an overdose of crystal methamphetamine. A Fire and Rescue team managed to save Dyson.

Gillum at the time, was reportedly too inebriated to offer police a coherent explanation of the events leading up to the medical emergency. Later, he professed that he only consumed alcohol that night and has never indulge in crystal meth. Though no arrests were made at the time (for some unknown reason), police identified “three small baggies” of crystal meth and other narcotics on the floor of the hotel room, so it’s likely that all three men still could face drug charges.


Overshadowing Gillum’s involvement in this scandal is the public’s growing curiosity about the muscular, gay porn star and escort. Almost immediately after the story broke, a few Instinct Magazine followers were sending me messages directing me to sexual video content online of Dyson and links to his Rentmen.com page. On his escort page at Rentmen, he offered a range of services under the alias of Brodie Scott. In the bio section, “Brodie” offered a “good time” and expressed how much he loved “gay massages.”

As you might imagine, there were photos of his rather impressive elephant trunk of a schlong, his squat-built butt, and his price list – of course.

“Brodie Scott” / Rentmen

Many on social media were quick to point out that Dyson’s boyfriend is Instagram hottie “lvbrazil” who had over 50,000 followers on his account that featured his gym-worked body, travel images, sexy pics with Dyson, and even a link to Rentmen where a video could be viewed of the two of them having sex. The Rentmen venture seemingly was for supplemental income as Dyson reportedly had posted many photos in the past that indicate he holds a mainstream occupation in the hospital field.


Oddly enough, as of this morning, while researching to write this article, I discovered that in the 24 hours since the Gillum story broke, nearly every social media trace of Travis Dyson and @lvBrazil has been removed. Both Instagram accounts have been deleted, along with Dyson’s Rentmen page. It is rumored that @lvBrazil also had a Rentmen account, but there is no way to be sure now because I can find neither account. Only a bare-bones Facebook account for Dyson remains and it’s not very intuitive. 

It seems entirely illogical for men who thrived on their sex appeal and existence on social media, with over 50,000 followers to delete all their accounts suddenly. A scandalous story like this has the power to turn people into pop culture media stars with big pay days – even if just for 15 minutes. The removal of their social media accounts so quickly leads me to wonder, is there something else going on here?

“Brodie Scott” / Rentmen

Has the elusive “Democratic DNC machine” led by Hillary Clinton and Debbie Wasserman-Shultz, wearing floor-length black trench coats and Matrix sunglasses intervened and told these boys to erase themselves and keep their mouths shut … or else?

Or, are these guys about to make a boatload of money from the media outlets with the deepest pockets, so they’re preparing for a big tell-all interview and simply wanted to protect their images?

We’ve already learned Dyson has debunked Gillum’s “I was in town for a wedding” alibi, so I’m sure we’ll be hearing more about this story. All I know is there are now reports of alleged nudity in play when things went down in that hotel room and Gillum can deny it but if so, he’d better hope no photos surface to the contrary, or he’s going to have a lot more explaining to do.

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  1. Feel sincerely sorry for everyone. Andrew Gillum since came out. His wife said she knew. The couple didn’t even divorce. Gillum now hosts “Real Talk.”

  2. who ever wrote this piece of crap should go to journalism school and take a class..really,, i hope you trip up and someone writes about you like this..Nothing saies , fy ,like your story…

  3. After reading that a celebrity denied making false allegations against Harry and Megan for money, it’s possible this guy was paid to disappear after this spouting that he knew Gillum for some time!

    Anything is possible in American scandals.

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