5 Great Reasons to Date a Dude with a Beard

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The beard phenomenon has continued to grow (pun intended) since the new millennium. This also includes body hair being not only accepted but desired, as the shaved body types aren’t as prevalent as they used to be in the late ’90s to early 2000s.

I am someone who grew up always shaving my face thinking it made me look good. Turns out I never knew how to properly line up my sideburns and the clean-shaven look I had for years just made my face look bigger. At some point I stopped shaving for a couple of days and people around me started giving me compliments on how great the hair growth looked. I can truthfully say that since that time I have not put a razor to my face and have kept the bearded look (albeit bushier or trimmed) going for over a decade now. And just like my fondness for Chris Pratt and Chipotle, it shows no signs of slowing down.

Here are five funny (but truthful) reasons why you should date a dude with a beard. And sorry, fellas, this guy is taken so please no DM’s. Unless you are hot… or cute… or … oh whatever, just send me pics.

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1. We’ll keep you extra warm in the wintertime. The make out sessions will be that much cozier for your bearded pleasure.


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2. Beards just make a man look great. Some of the hottest men in the world have beards. Tom Hardy, Prince Harry, Jake Gyllenhaal, the list goes on and on.

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3. Beards feels good to touch, especially if they’re conditioned. Get all up in that bearded business.

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4. It’s cheaper to maintain a beard than being clean-shaven. Meaning there’s more money for us to spend on food, movies, trips, and more food.

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5. Beards can hold snacks. You’ll never go hungry with a bearded man. Beards can also hold some other stuff as well (wink wink) if you’re into that.


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