5 LGBTQ Houseguests For Consideration On Rumored ‘Big Brother’ All-Stars Season

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Speculation continues to mound about the upcoming 22nd season of Big Brother. US Magazine and a number of other publications are alleging that it will be an All-Stars version which they haven’t done since 2006. 

This is quite exciting for BB fans who have been watching the series for many years now. It would also kind of make sense for the network to make this happen given that it is the 20th anniversary of the show premiering. 


Some of the most captivating and polarizing houseguests are ones who are part of the LGBTQ community. They used their charm, wit, looks, humor and so much more in order to navigate their way through the game with some either winning or coming very close to the crown.

Here are, in no particular order, 5 that would be fun to watch all over again inside the BB house.

Vanessa Rousso: Big Brother 17


Vanessa, who before the show was known as a major star in the professional poker world, could’ve easily won her season of BB had she made it to the final 2. According to fans she’s up there with the likes of Danielle Reyes, Dan Gheesling and Will Kirby when it came to her unbelievable scheming. She got her hands bloodied so many times but it just showed what an amazing player she was. Eventual winner Steve Moses knocked her out in the final 3 which guaranteed him a win against runner up Liz Nolan. Regardless, Vanessa would be an excellent player to bring back given what she was able to do over the course of one summer. 

Marcellas Reynolds: Big Brother 3 & Big Brother All-Stars

Marcellas is widely known in the BB universe for making one of the biggest if not biggest mistakes in the history of the game. He did not use the power of veto in his debut season when there was only 5 houseguests left. Jason Guy, who was Danielle Reyes’ right-hand man, seized the opportunity and evicted him which led host Julie Chen to smack Marcellas upside the head with her card moments later. He didn’t fare well on BB7 (AKA All-Stars) but was fantastic at voicing his problems with Chilltown to the very daft group of players from BB6. Give him another shot please!


Frankie Grande: Big Brother 16

Look, love him or hate him, Frankie Grande makes great television. The social media star made it very far in BB16 to the point where he could’ve actually won the whole thing. That’s saying a lot for someone who admitted early on that he was famous outside the game and had a pop superstar sister. If season 22 is All-Stars, then he’s more than likely going to be a shoo in given the impact he has had on the show since he stepped inside the house six years ago. 


Jason Roy: Big Brother 17 & Big Brother OTT

Jason was so much fun to watch in BB17 as he had such a funny and infectious personality. He was sadly booted way too early but was given a second shot years later with the online-only version of BB called OTT (Over The Top). He fared much better this time, making it to the final 2 but lost in the end to winner Morgan Willett in a very controversial decision. 

Kaycee Clark: Big Brother 20

Kaycee was an absolute competition beast in her season of BB. The pro football player, who is an out and proud lesbian, won 2 HOH’s and 4 POV’s while only being up for nomination once during her near 100-day stay in the house. She narrowly beat runner up Tyler Crispen in the end & became one of only two LGBTQ houseguests to ever win the game (after Andy Herren did in BB15). 

Who do you want to see back in the Big Brother house, Instinct Magazine fans? Let us know in the comments section.

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