A Difficult Journey From Neo-Nazi to Coming Out as a Trans Woman, Caught Between Two Worlds.

I've bled my Facebook friends list dry of Trump supporters except for one person, a former work wife.  I know I've been removed from others' lists because of my political as well as LGBT posts since I don't see several people anymore on some of my game lists and that is fine, too.  Trump has been one of the more polarizing political figures in American History.  The people that blindly support him on anything he says will never be ones I care to associate with ever. Now if they want to talk about specific policies and not their orange leader, I will do that. 

Would you ever reconnect with someone you have discarded because of Trump's rule over our nation? Would you give them a chance to come back into your life?

I would have to see that a drastic change had occurred in their belief system, their mentality, their humanity. 

Vice.com recently shared a story about Dajana Pospiš, a Neo-Nazi coming to terms with himself and realizing that he was a she, a trans woman.

For years, Dajana Pospiš was a member of the National Front – a far-right, anti-Semitic, anti-LGBTQ movement that waged war on Serbia's queer community. But during a stint in prison for racial and religious discrimination, Pospiš came to accept what no one saw coming: despite being assigned male at birth, she was a woman – and she desperately wanted to transition.

After publicly coming out as trans, Dajana sought acceptance and forgiveness from Serbia's LGBTQ community – but can they make peace with her violent past? In VICE Profiles: The Ex Neo-Nazi Trans Woman, we hear from Dajana about her unique and difficult journey from being a neo-Nazi to coming out as a trans woman, in a move that left her "caught between two worlds".

That was truly a change and we would say for the better. Humanity wins over hate. 

No, my former friends, now Trump supporters would not have to come out as transgender for me to accept them.  But it does go to show that hate may have a home in some people's lives because they are hiding other things.

What would it take for you to allow people that have done you wrong, that have done our community wrong, what would it take to allow them to come back into your life?  Is it a simple apology?  Or has that bridge burned, exploded, never to be repaired?

h/t: Vice.com

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  1. Change comes from the heart,

    Change comes from the heart, not the body. If I was introduced to a one-time neo-Nazi, now a transwoman, I'd ask if she has completely abandoned her neo-Nazi beliefs and ties; or if she is like a certain transwoman who just recently wrote an op-ed piece about feeling that Trump is not an ally. There are famous cases (Lee Atwater's acceptance by Black folk) and well-known movies (American History X) that make this point.


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