A Fond Memory of Mark Jansen’s Naughtiness Inside The ‘BB’ House

Credit: Mark Jansen Instagram

Mark Jansen is arguably one of the hottest men to ever compete on the stateside version of Big Brother.

The longtime CBS series just returned for its 21st season last month with a cast that includes a decent amount of handsome studs and some duds. 


The game of Big Brother has a lot going for it: scheming, lies, manipulation, backstabbing, and cameras that capture every single move you make with the goal of being the last houseguest standing and winning the $500,000 grand prize. 

Mark’s gay fans (myself included) were very happy with the above statistic about cameras being on them 24/7 during one very special night for him inside the Big Brother house during the show’s 19th season in 2017.


The fitness professional laid in bed with the green screen cameras on him. He chatted with a fellow houseguest in nothing but a pair of shorts and white t-shirt while continually grabbing at his, um… power of veto?

Link to this footage still exists, thank god,which can be found here. He’s one of many men who have been either caught in a state of undress or doing something particularly naughty over the years on BB that gives the show’s fans a reason to purchase the live feeds.

Mark also gave fans what they wanted earlier this year when he posed naked with only a pair of sneakers covering what appears to be a very large package.


Thanks Mark for truly being the gift that keeps on giving. 



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