A Photographer Caught Two Male Gorillas In Compromising Positions

Photo by Carlos Cram on Unsplash

We have another gay animal situation to share with you all. Though, this one is a little different than the articles about gay lions, or about gay tortoises, or the one about a bisexual goose.


Nature photographer Shirley Kroos was taking pictures of animals at the Rotterdam Zoo in the Netherlands when two gorillas decided to get feisty in front of her.

Two young gorillas, three-year-old Aybo and two-year-old Thabo (who’s third birthday is today, April 18th), were playing around and assuming sexual positions.

“They were doing some adult things with each other playfully,” Kroos told Metro.

Photo by Porco Rosso on Unsplash

Despite the very mature act that the two young gorillas were doing, Kroos saw it as just children at play.

“Before and after they were running around with some toys they were given by the zookeepers. So they were just in a playful mood and enjoyed each other’s company.”

“It was great watching these two boys having fun together – they made me laugh and it was very unique capturing them on camera,” she said.

In a Facebook video, which sadly she’s since taken down, she also said:

“well what do you have to say, exercise makes art? I really laughed at them today. Crazy rascals.”

If you want to check out some of the photos, you can see them over here.

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