A Queer Eye And Big Mouth Crossover?

Image via Netflix

“Jesus in my vagina, that poor brush.”

The latest trailer for Big Mouth is out, and it has some familiar faces.

Big Mouth has never been afraid to tackle topics of sexuality. In fact, the show lives in that space. Just in the trailer below, viewers see a masturbation game show, a scene of two gay/bi teens holding hands and confirming their feelings for one another, and a character coming out as pansexual. In addition, the show has had a list of LGBTQ celebrities work on it as writers or voice actors like Harvey Fierstein, Zachary Quinto, Paula Pell, Jaboukie Young-White, and Patti Harrison.

But there’s one scene that really got our attention. The one with the Fab Five.

Queer Eye’s Fab Five make a cameo in the cartoon show and the below trailer. At the end of the video, we see the men driving along ready to stop by and guide another soul to inner and outer peace. Then the scene cuts to Jonathan Van Ness being alarmed by the story of character Coach Steven using his brush to brush all his parts – “my head, my teeth, my peena, and my a**hole.”

But to see the trailer for yourself, click the video down below.

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