A Self-Lubricating Condom is Almost Here. Will It Change Sex Forever?

Thanks to a $100,000 grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, a new self-lubricating condom is in development and will be available to the public in the near future.

As reported by Pink News, the new condom technology has been in development at Boston University for over three years and has gone through 1,000 formulations. The coating takes on moisture from your partner that binds for up to 1,000 thrusts.

1,000 thrusts. That’s a lot. Researchers indicate that typical intercourse lasts for about 100-500 thrusts.

Biomedical engineering and chemistry professor Mark Grinstaff says the most pressing reason the contraceptive is being developed is to stop the spread of HIV and other diseases.

Last year, only about one in three men used a condom. In what’s definitely not a coincidence, a record number of STI infections were reported.

This certainly sounds promising. A condom that feels good and slippery is more likely to get used, and it’s less likely to break than a condom you have to lube up yourself. Also, these new condoms reportedly hold lubrication while submerged in water. Great news if you love shower sex!

The Boston University researchers say the new high-tech condom will be ready to sell in a year or two.

One question worth asking: Is the high-tech condom just as good for anal?

h/t: Pink News, Esquire

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