A Survey By AARP Says More Gay Men Over 45 Are Single Than Other LGBTQ People

A survey by AARP says that more gay male elders are single than their LGBTQ peers.

The organization released the survey and shared that they asked 1,782 LGBTQ people from across the U.S.A. about their thoughts on aging.

The results found that 57 percent of gay men over 45 were single. Meanwhile, only 39 percent of lesbians said the same. As did 48 percent of bisexual men and women. Then, half of transgender respondents said that they were single.

Though, it’s also important to note that the AARP confessed that they had trouble reaching out to bisexual people for the survey, because respondents were less likely to be open about their sexuality. This could have affected the data.

While, the study wasn’t focused on relationships and more the quality of life for aging LGBTQ people, a spokesperson for AARP shared that the results based on relationships and age were unsurprising. The organization then focused on the need for services and support for aging LGBTQ people.

“Gay men are far more likely to live alone, and this will influence the types of services needed by gay men as they age,” the study said. “Further, when asked about their social support network, gay men are less connected compared to lesbians on every relationship type tested, from LGBT friends to straight friends, from partners to neighbors.”

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