Aaron Taylor-Johnson Is Looking Hot AF in Latest Steamy Photoshoot

Aaron Taylor-Johnson once again left Twitter hooked and thirsty in his latest photoshoot for Vanity Fair.

In the photo, the 32-year-old English actor is wearing a black long coat, paired with black patterned pants, and the best part of it all: shirtless underneath the coat. 😉 Dropping the pic here for your viewing pleasure…

(c) Instagram: @vanityfair

Meanwhile, here’s Twitter losing it, and thirsty as ever:


On top of that steamy photo, Taylor-Johnson did backwards somersaults in a video, and more thirst tweets have been shared…



You can watch the video here:

Moreover, the ‘Bullet Train’ actor addressed the rumors about him being the next James Bond.


“It’s flattering. You can have something really positive [written about you], but you can also have something really negative that can circulate. You just want to stay in your lane, stay grounded, stay around the people that you love and love you back, and stay in that world. Because the moment you start believing the sh*t people say about you, you’ve lost your f*cking mind. You’ve lost it,” he stated in an interview with Vanity Fair.

After playing the role of a charismatic assassin in the 2022 action/thriller film, ‘Bullet Train,’ Taylor-Johnson is also starring alongside Ryan Gosling in an upcoming movie, ‘The Fall Guy.’

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Sources: screenrant.com, vanityfair.com

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