Celebrate Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s 30th Birthday With These Iconic Scenes 

Hunky Aaron Taylor-Johnson officially turns 30 today. Happy Birthday sexy!


The England native, who is primarily known for his work in the Kick-Ass films, has also done a tremendous job at channeling Michael Fassbender when it comes to showing off his massive Johnson on screen. 

His most iconic version of doing this was in the 2018 film A Million Little Pieces where he portrayed author James Frey. He is seen in his birthday suit twice in the movie, once while dancing around a dark room and the other when he fights naked in the shower with Giovanni Ribisi. Yum.

But wait… there’s more! Aaron has also gotten butt ass naked in many other films worth perusing should you be having a sort of blah day to yourself. Check out three others where you get to see this delicious stud in all his glory:


Nocturnal Animals (with fellow hottie Jake Gyllenhaal)

Savages (2012 film)


This short film called Flaunt.


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