Adam Driver Brings Back His Shirtless Glory for New Burberry Ad

The ‘Marriage Story’ star Adam Driver is back for yet another Burberry campaign, and he brought it up a notch, from being a centaur in 2021 to swimming with an actual horse in this year’s ad.

Last year, the 38-year-old actor had a centaur transformation for the Burberry Hero fragrance, and it sent the internet into a frenzy. Back then, he posed shirtless while riding a horse, which made him look like a centaur.


The 2021 Burberry Hero fragrance campaign was indeed a huge success, seeing how the internet responded, and Driver was pleased to have worked on it as well.

“I’m very happy to be working with Burberry on the Burberry Hero fragrance campaign, and with designer Riccardo Tisci in representing his first fragrance for the brand,” the actor stated.

And since last year was received well, Driver is back and shirtless for the new Burberry Hero Eau de Parfum. In the ad, the actor ran and swam with a large horse, which is quite an interesting take for a perfume campaign.


There was a even close-up shot of his sensual swimming scene, which made the ad even more inviting, as if drawing you to purchase the fragrance asap.

The campaign film was directed by Jonathan Glazer, and as per People, the press release stated that the video and photos


“capture an adventurous Adam Driver in the awe-inspiring beauty of the natural world, depicting what masculinity means today by embracing freedom of expression and the beauty of contradictions — how strength can be subtle, and emotions can empower.”


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