Adam Driver’s A Real Stud In The New Burberry Ad

Image via Burberry Hero / Photographed by Mario Sorrenti

Adam Driver is the wet, shirtless horse rider of our dreams.

Driver first became popular for his role in HBO’s Girls. He then rose to movie star fame with films like the Star Wars franchise and Marriage Story. But most recently, the actor appeared as the new face, and chest, of a Burberry ad. And we loved every second of it.

Promoting a new fragrance called Burberry Hero, Drive appears as the equestrian and hero of our dreams. This ad is definitely for all the former horse girls and gays who grew up obsessed with boys and horses. In the ad, we see a shirtless Driver running on a beach beside a horse. The two race toward the water and we can see every muscle on Driver’s body flex as he tries to best the beast.

Once the two make it to the water, a version of FKA Twigs “Two Weeks” plays in the background as they dive in and swim below. We then get beautiful shots of Driver submerged underwater. But upon coming out of the water, it appears the man and horse have become one. A silhouette of the mythical creature known as a centaur emerges before fading into the image of the Burberry Hero bottle.

“Creating a fragrance is such a personal and intimate process, and I especially felt this for Burberry Hero—my first fragrance for the brand,” creative director Riccardo Tisci said of the Burberry Hero campaign in a statement. “I wanted Burberry Hero to encapsulate modern masculinity, to play on the essence of primal human and animal instincts, channelling the duality between strength and sensitivity.”

Modern masculinity mixed with the primal man? Both strong and sensitive? Well, that fits perfectly into Adam Driver’s brand and persona. And, again, we loved watching every second of it.

Image via Burberry Hero / Photographed by Mario Sorrenti

And we weren’t the only ones.

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