Adam Lambert Drops Studio Cover Of Cher’s “Believe”

Adam Lambert honors Cher at 2018 Kennedy Center Honors / Screenshot.

Adam Lambert has released a professionally recorded cover of Cher’s “Believe.”

Almost exactly a year ago, the former American Idol star gave a live performance of Cher’s classic song that even got her to cry. He performed the song in honor of Cher at the 2018 Kennedy Center Honors, where other notable creators like Lin-Manuel Miranda and Reba McEntire were being also being honored.


In response to the tribute, Cher wrote on Twitter:

“Tried 2 write Feelings About Adam Lambert Singing
Believe In Words,but Cant seem 2.When Your senses are Overwhelmed All Can you feel with your ❤️.
I Was Shocked AND Over The MOON When Cindi (Lauper) came out Rocking the house.”

She then explained further:


“Shocked Because SHE TOLD ME SHE WAS IN LA,

& Over The Moon Because
My Friend💋CINDI Is One Of Our”Great”Singers‼️
When ✨Adam✨& Cindi✨ Sang Together It=Heaven 🙌🏻.”


Again, Lambert has now released a studio version of the cover and seems thrilled to share it.

“A lot of you have mentioned wanting a studio recording- so here’s a little holiday from me to you,” said the singer to fans on social media.

If you want to receive that gift and hear the song yourself, click the tweet above or click this link here.

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