Adam Rippon is Married!

The world just learned that Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon recently married beau Jussi-Pekka (JP) Kajaala in a surprise post on social media. We love to see it!

The couple tied the knot in the spur of the moment late last year in a private ceremony that included only their dog, Tony. 

In an adorable post, Rippon shared:


Surprise! We are Married! One afternoon JP and I looked at each other and said the very classic *romantic* phrase of ‘let’s just go do it now.’ So we did. It was just the three of us and it was perfect. 12/31/21.



The couple started dating in 2018 and Rippon introduced him to the world in a surprise post as well.



Last year, Rippon’s Finnish partner moved to L.A. to finally be with him after years of their long-distance relationship.



According to People, no one knew about the secret nuptials, not even Rippon’s publicist.

Rippon shared:

We always wanted to do something simple and just the two of us. And so we were looking at different options of what we could do and so obviously when you do that, the next best thing that you can do is you reach out to [California marriage officiant] Maria and you ask Maria: ‘When is her next availability for a wedding?’ And she goes, ‘I have availability this week, but I also have something today.’ And so then I said, ‘Listen, Maria, we’re on our way.’ We’re going to be there for the one o’clock appointment in Encino, California, the happiest place on earth.’

The two decided to continue to wear the rings they exchanged when they were engaged in December 2020.

Adam Rippon

When the threat of the pandemic has subsided, Rippon and Kajaala plan to celebrate with some partying. One in the U.S. and another in Kajaala’s home of Finland, both celebrations with close friends and family.

Congratulations Adam and JP!

Source: Adam Rippon, People

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