Sorry, Boys, Adam Rippon is Off the Market!

After all the attention Adam Rippon received leading up to, during, and now after the Winter Olympics in Pyeonchang, South Korea it’s hard to think that the olympic skater would have time to do any dating. But after his skating, and his ass, gained lots of fans, Rippon had us wondering if there was someone special he had his eye on. For a moment, Sally Field’s gay son could have even been a contender thanks to his mom’s outlandish plea on social media.

But alas, it seems that Field’s son, Sam Greisman, is more of a BFF than a Bae to Rippon.

After months after meeting someone on Tinder, Rippon has posted a photo on Instagram that is breaking the hearts of so many who dreamed of cuddling up with Rippon’s booty every night–we can dream right?

Rippon is officially dating Finnish-born Jussi-Pekka Kajaala, he shared with People, after posting a shirtless photo of them during a hike at LA’s Runyon Canyon.


Good boys Finnish  first

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He’s tall!

According to Rippon, the couple recently starting hanging out more because the last several months since they met have been really busy times for the two.

Looks like Rippon’s buns of steel are off limits. Sorry, boys!

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  1. How is this news? Who cares?

    How is this news? Who cares? Why aren't you doing stories on gay homeless youth..transgender murders..and hiv. Stories that need attention.


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