Adore Delano Makes Another Reality Television Move

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From The Runway To The Beach, Delano Is Rumored To Appear On MTV’s Latest Dating Series

Daniel Anthony Noreiga, or as we may best know him/her, Adore Delano, is heavily rumored to be on not only another reality television series, but an entire new network! Many of us have been with Delano from the very beginning of her reality television career. First, she appeared on American Idol’s seventh season in 2008, sassing the King of Mean, Simon Cowell, not “not likin’ it” (her words, not mine). Years later, Delano graced our screens to become runner-up of RuPaul’s Drag Race season six. Definitely up for debate, but I think we all may agree she would’ve won had she competed against anyone else besides Bianca Del Rio. Then, we all saw Delano quit RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 2 and has been working steady since with music dropping, a playful attitude, and she’s just popular in general. Now, it appears she’s moving from the runway to… the beach?


According to Cheat Sheet, Delano is due to appear on MTV’s Ex on the Peak, a spin-off/winter version of their current hit series, Ex on the Beach. If you’re not watching MTV, Ex on the Beach takes a bunch of singles are throws them into a luxury mansion in Malibu, California. (Ex on the Peak’s location will be a cabin on a mountain.) Each week these singles are then joined by their exes and there’s random vote offs, temptations, and some petty drama from adults. I’ve watched the series a few times as a friend of mine appeared on the show in season 2. I don’t want to say the storylines and drama are forced, but I will certainly say that MTV doesn’t believe their audience is smart to roll out this type of production. The cast of this series are always reality television personalities who are either on their way up or on their way down the celebrity ladder… I’ll let you guess what side most of them land on. I’m a little shocked by this casting only because I think Delano is much better than this show… but then again she was sued by her management company last year and may be low on funds. Perhaps it’s a money issue, although this show doesn’t seem to turn out well for anybody’s reputation afterwards.

This isn’t the first time Ex on the Beach has featured LGBTQ cast members. Their second season was packed full of gay drama, but I didn’t tune in long enough to see it unfold. If anything, Delano may draw in more viewers, but I hope this new venture won’t tarnish her seemingly perfect reality television scorecard.  We shouldn’t expect to see another Drag Race alumni showing up to the beach… peak with Delano. Allegedly, signs are pointing to her former boyfriend, Kristian Francuski (Pictured below) who is a total beefcake in a very-Hollyweird type of way.

To further confirm the rumors, Delano and Francuski haven’t been on social media since July. I’m willing to bet we’ll see these two on our televisions super soon.


Is Delano enough reason for you to tune into Ex on the Peak?

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