Adult Entertainment Performer Kyle Dean Passes Away At 21

Adult performer Kyle Dean (real name Brandon Jason Chrisan) has passed away at the age of 21.

No cause of death has been released. Toale Brothers Funeral Home lists the date of his passing as September 28.

An obituary there shares that Dean “loved to play football and physically train his body.”

“He won fourth place in an Adult Physique Competition at the age of seventeen,” the entry adds.

Dean had worked for gay adult studios Corbin Fisher and GayHoopla in recent years.

According to South Florida Gay News, Dean had several arrests over the past few years involving “multiple drug and burglary convictions.”

In March of 2017, he was ordered to take part in a drug intervention program.

SFGN also notes that Dean was described by some online commenters as “gay-for-pay,” often requesting  people pay for his Uber rides or presents from his Amazon wishlist.

Instinct has reported on the deaths of several porn performers this year including Falcon Studios’ Dave Slick and BrokeStraightBoys’ Tyler White.

Often, in posting these stories, there are inevitable comments blaming the porn industry for the passing of adult performers.

But it’s worth noting that people from every walk of life succumb to drug use or suicide.

And while the porn industry connection is titillating, correlation isn’t necessarily causation.

Earlier this year, Rosie Hodson – PhD candidate with an emphasis in studying pornography – told Dazed that making generalisations about the deaths of porn performers does them “a ‘disservice’ to define them simply by their careers in porn and is a gross oversimplification to connect all of their deaths directly to their work in pornography.”

She emphasized, "They are individuals."

And behavioral scientist Gad Saad, a chair at the John Molson School of Business in Montreal, who studies the porn industry, told the New York Post in January that people who enter porn are no more prone to mental issues than anyone else.

Certainly there are many who can testify to the emotional toll working in the adult entertainment industry can have on people.

But I freely admit I’m not a trained professional in assessing the issue. I’m just a writer thinking out loud.

There is an interest in the passing of adult performers as evidenced by the traffic these posts receive.

What do you think, readers? Is the porn industry to blame for young deaths? Or is this something we see in every walk of life?

Rest in peace, Brandon Jason Chrisan.

This post represents the thoughts and opinion of the writer and not those of Instinct Magazine or its contributors.

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13 thoughts on “Adult Entertainment Performer Kyle Dean Passes Away At 21”

  1. “What else can we say, Kyle

    "What else can we say, Kyle Dean is to die for. This fresh-faced 18-year-old stud really gets our heart racing." The gayhooplah site really should update their bio. #smh

  2. Rest in Peace. And kids,

    Rest in Peace. And kids, listen to your friends who try to help you stop taking drugs. It's always motivated by their love for you.

  3. This is sad.  I’m not

    This is sad.  I'm not familiar with the performers listed in this story, but it's always sad to hear about people passing at such a young age.

    Personally, I don't think the porn industry can be held at fault for it's performers self destruction.  It's possible that some people that go into porn, do so because they have a warped sense of self.  Potentially due to abuse, or bullying that they experienced in earlier life.  Maybe becoming porn/sex workers is in some way a result of that trauma for them.  I would doubt that abuse/bullying would be the only reasons to enter the industry.  I am sure there are some very smart & stable people who just like their jobs.

    Drug abuse is likely a big factor in most of these cases.  Not many of us get through our teens/20's at least without experimenting, or having some connection to drugs.  Obviously, many of us get through those experimental years without too much damage, but probably more by luck than judgment.  Some people are wired differently.  Whether it more nurture, or nature, some just don't survive & that is unbelievably sad.

    My heart goes out to the family & friends of these young guys.  So sorry.

  4. The real reason for this

    The real reason for this tragedy? The porn industry itself. Human beings were never meant to be used as objects, much let alone viewed in such a way. And it doesn't matter how much money they are paid. They have an intrinsic worth and dignity, and until the industry is shut down, we'll continue to see this heartbreak.

    The other piece of the puzzle is what it does to the viewers. Instead of bringing genuine gratitude, it steals our joy, and incapacitates us to form genuine intimacy with others. Pornography is making us blind to the value of who we all are as human beings.As I've seen with my work at Freedom Coaching, so many of my clients have their lives ripped apart because they aren't free to say no to pornified images. And this is completely the opposite of the sexual liberation that is falsely promised.

  5. Why do guys like him have so

    Why do guys like him have so troubled lives even though they have everything to live happy fulfilling lives, especially when you are just 21.

    Look at third world countries were poverty and no chances to improve one's life exist yet people fight.


  6. I agree it is true many

    I agree it is true many people are quick to blame the porn industry for these tragic deaths. I am often one. The porn industry is about exploitation. Many of the people who do porn are vulnerable and need quick cash which is why they do porn. It is wrong to judge the individuals the way many do, forgetting the hard and in many cases tragic lives quite a few have had, but I have no problem holding the porn industry responsible. 

    We often side with feminists on so many issues, the evils of the porn industry is one we agree with them on too.

  7. Oh for God’s sake, why does

    Oh for God’s sake, why does the gay blogosphere treat the passing, arrest, etc., of every gay porn performer as some sort of national tragedy? These guys sucked dick on camera they didn’t cure cancer or something actually meaningful. It sad that this guy died at 21 but, quite frankly, there are gay guys that die every day that were in professions that actually benefited society and they get no notice. Enough with this fixation on porn stars, lets try and focus on people that actually contribute something worthwhile.

    • Maybe it is to warn the youth

      Maybe it is to warn the youth that the porn industry is not all glitz and glam and sex and money. That it is detrimental to some?

  8. If this yong man had not

    If this yong man had not worked in adult entertainment, would his passing have been noted by this publication? Ditto as regards his being paroled into his mother's care by SFGN? (yeah, I followed the link).

    As long as we're going to argue that we behave unfairly when reducing someone's life to his being in porn and/or using drugs, then let's let's look at the role of publications that, even while tsk-tsking people who make such connections, report on these people's lives, encounters with law enforcement, and even their deaths in precisely such reductionist ways.

    • that’s an interesting “false

      that’s an interesting “false equivalency” you’ve made there. This publication didn’t report on this because he was a porn star. They did it because he was someone a significant number of people in the gay community would know 

      They would make such a report about anyone who held such a status. 

      • The media (not just gay media

        The media (not just gay media) headline and amplify those things in someone's background that makes them "well known;"  in this case, this young man's status as a gay-for-pay porn star. If he was so well known, his name — without the label — should have sufficed in the headlines and the story did not need to reference his past run-ins with the law.      …..     I'd hazard the guess that he spent more time working out and competing than he did in porn. His obit highlights the former; the media highlight the latter. By making these connections, time and again, in the headlines and in their stories, media (across the board) reinforce those exact same stereotypes (that porn and drug abuse are somehow tied to porn stars' early deaths) while decrying their existence. 


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