Adult Performers Michael DelRay and Dante Colle Get Wild in Public–and For a Good Cause!

Things didn’t go as planned for some bigoted anti-LGBTQ “preachers”–you know, the kind with the megaphones and the signs–on Monday. They encountered two adult stars who knew how to work a crowd, you see. Michael DelRay and Dante Colle, that is. 

On his socials, Colle wrote that he asked the homophobes how he could go about being forgiven for his sins and all that.

“There’s no helping you guys,” said the bigoted loudmouth. 

 “Well,” says Colle, “might as well enjoy it then.” 

So what happened next? Watch and enjoy. 

Follow Colle on Insta here. DelRay’s Insta is here. 

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