After Two Years, Sherry Pie Has Returned To The Drag World

Following her erasure from Season 12 of RuPaul’s Drag Race (following especially egregious allegations coming to light), former New York City drag performer Sherry Pie has not had much of a social media presence. While she did have an appearance at Uncle Charlie’s in New York City last year (the business said she was hired to perform a singing telegram for a customers’s birthday and they were unaware of the charges) and a somewhat perplexing interview on The Tamron Hall Show last year, Pie has been largely publicly silent. Until now. 


Sherry Pie posted two pictures on a clearly refreshed Instagram page this weekend. One of them shows Pie dressed as a clown with the headline “Coming back to socials has me gagging”. The other shows Pie in another clown-like pose, surrounded by balloons. The headline is a Susan Sarandon quote “There is a fine line between art and trash, and that line is plausibility”. While her intent behind this return to Instagram is unclear at this time, one thing it might be indicating is that Pie is attempting to test the waters and gauge public reaction for a potential public return. 

The story of Sherry Pie will always, not be fully told if her victims are not heard. New York City musical theater actor Ben Shimkus spoke to me exclusively last year about his experience with Sherry, and no story on Sherry Pie’s attempt at a emergence would be appropriate without her victims continuing to be heard. Ben told me yesterday exclusively that “It’s pathetic. I’m hurt all the victims have to deal with this every couple of months. The victims have asked her to stop multiple times. She isn’t listening”. He went on to say “I am horrified by her fans. Her comments section is wild. Because of the work of victims, Sherry Pie has only been known as a predator her entire time on ‘Drag Race’. She never had a moment where her personality was shining through because the show edited her out of most of the final cut”. Shimkus ended by saying “When people celebrate her, they are celebrating someone’s ability to harass others. They aren’t celebrating her drag. And even if they were, Sherry and Allison worked in tandem. The drag was a big part of her manipulation. They cannot be separated”

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