Alexander Lincoln to Star in Latest LGBTQ+ Film After Gay Rugby Movie

Alexander Lincoln is set to star in another LGBTQ+ romance film after portraying the character of Mark Newton in the gay rugby movie, ‘In from the Side’.

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The 30-year-old British hottie’s new film is titled ‘On a Winter Night’, and his new on-screen lover is sexy actor Jack Brett Anderson. Not to mention, the LGBTQ+ romance is written by Diego Scerrati and directed by Liam Calvert, and the log line on the movie poster reads:

“Two strangers. One night. A quest for redemption.”


A synopsis of the film reads:

“This is the story of Lukas, a stone-broke gay actor and a loner in his 30s who has achieved nothing in life.

The night he plans to end things, he crosses paths with Oliver, a privileged bonehead with a failing business, who persuades him to join forces and spend the night wandering the nocturnal streets of London in a quest to find meaning in their miserable lives.

But when their unlikely connection deepens, haunting pasts resurface, threatening to unravel their mission for redemption and purpose.”

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Meanwhile, Anderson is a promising theater and film actor who has appeared in a couple of BBC productions. In fact, he is known for his portrayal of teen wolf Matei / Matei Covaci in the award-winning TV series ‘Wolfblood’.


Moreover, Lincoln opened up about his sexuality in 2023, stating:

“I’m not straight.”

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You can watch ‘On a Winter Night’s crowdfunding video here:


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