Alleged Serial Criminal Bryan Singer Replaced as Director of Red Sonja

Alleged sex pervert, abuser and pedophile Bryan Singer is out of a job. About 999,999 times out of a million, it’s inappropriate to celebrate someone losing a job. Here, it’s fine. 

The X-Men and partial Bohemian Rhapsody director has been replaced by Transparent‘s Jill Solloway on the upcoming Red Sonja remake. Following the latest of many court cases filed against Singer accusing him of sexual misconduct, the once-powerful and seemingly untouchable director/producer did a PR pivot, saying he was excited about making a “female empowerment” movie. 

The project was shelved, moved to “development hell” in February, following the latest damning case against Singer. Two weeks ago, representation for Singer said the filmmaker was going to pay $150,000 to make a rape case go away. 

Singer’s replacement on the project? Jill Soloway, Emmy-winning creator of Transparent. The finale (a musical) of Transparent is imminent. The show is not without its baggage. Soloway has admitted in the press to covering for alleged sex pervert Jeffrey Tambor to “protect the show.”

Red Sonja is based on a character from Marvel Comics who first appeared in Conan the Barbarian. The character originally appeared in a God-awful 1985 film with bad gore effects, wretched acting by Brigitte Nielsen, and lesbian-panic elements that have aged horribly.

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  1. No one should be fired unless convicted of a crime. All of these allegations are just that allegations. No one has proven any in a court of law. You are a hateful person to be rejoicing at someone else’s misfortune. I hope someone accuses you of rape and you be fired without due process.


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