America Falls In Love With ‘Heartstopper’-& Helps A Fan Come Out

On Netflix, Pride month has come a bit early, as Heartstopper has captured the hearts of people everywhere. The story of British blokes Nick (Kit Connor) & Charlie (Joe Locke) exploring young love throughout the course of their school year, with the series exploring themes like love, mental illness, and friendship. While the show is exploring the relationships between Nick, Charlie and their friends, it is ultimately a very real moment between Nick & his mother (Academy Award winner Olivia Colman) that has gotten a great deal of attention-and even inspired one Heartstopper fan to stand in their own truth. 


The moment between Kit Connor (Nick) and Olivia Colman is multi-layered, as (spoiler alert) Nick slowly comes out to his mother as bisexual and in the process, receiving a great deal of acceptance and love, the kind of moment we all strive for when that inevitable moment of honesty and truth arrived. The scene has garnered so much attention that it even inspired one viewer to have that conversation with their own parents. Twitter user Esme told Pink News that while initially “terrified” to write that message out to her parents, they felt it was “the right way to do it”, simply because Heartstopper “means a lot to me”. As for their parents reaction, Esme relays that their parents were “really nice about it” and assured that they were “still you to us”. Esme says that while their mum was “a bit confused at first” though she “got the spirit of it”.

As Esme’s story went viral, Kit Connor even acknowledged the pivotal scene and how it is impacting people everywhere, including Esme. He commented on Esme’s tweet, simply saying “This. This is why we did it”. Connor & Locke both followed up with a conversation on This Morning, calling the moment a “beautiful tweet” and saying that Esme’s story being inspired by Heartstopper being “the most gratifying moment” in Connor’s career ever.

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