An International Edition of Australia’s Sexiest Firefighters Calendar is Coming

First off, the men who are featured in the calendar for Australia’s Sexiest Firefighters are so absurdly hot that I flood my basement, first floor, top floor and surrounding streets. Apologies go out to my neighbors and the greater New York City area for this.


The legendary calendar, which has been going on for several years now, is shifting things a bit next year as they will be holding a competition for an international version of what they already do so well.


Firefighters from around the world will be vying for only 11 spots. The winners will join the hottest Australian firefighter to make the world’s first International Firefighters Calendar. So… can I be a judge for this as well?

“With the explosion of worldwide interest in the calendar it only made sense for us to invite the hottest firefighters from around the globe here to the beautiful Gold Coast to be a part of the worlds very first ‘International Firefighters Calendar’, David Roger, Director of the Australian Firefighters Calendar, said.

With the inclusion of the international firefighters, funds from calendar sales will now also be donated back to animal charities located in those participating countries.


So cuteness is now officially added into the mix as they have also done a separate calendar dedicated to sexy men holding cats! Aww.

The 2019 Cat calendar will join the always popular Dog, Animal and Hot Firefighter calendars to help raise money for charities around Australia and overseas.


"We are very excited to start working with local Australian and international animal shelters. We felt it was important to use the calendar’s social media presence to shine a light on the incredible work they all do. Even a small donation to these organizations can make an enormous difference and we look forward to expanding our support to these charities,” David said.

For more information on the charities that the Australian Firefighters work with, please see the links below.


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Instagram – @australianfirefighterscalendar

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