And The ‘Queen Of The Mother Tucking World’ Is…


After the quickest season in Drag Race herstory, a scant six episodes, the winner of the Mother Tucking World was named in the Grand Finale which saw the four finalists competing in a lip-sync smackdown single-elimination knockout battle. And the winner is…BLU HYDRANGEA

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The Irish queen from Belfast, 28, prevailed above the other three finalists: Mo Heart, Jujubee, and Baga Chipz. Hydrangea originally appeared on the first season of Drag Race UK finishing in fifth place. Hydrangea had a strong season finding herself either safe or in the top many episodes including a win for her Snatch Game performance of Austin Powers AND Dr. Evil. Baga Chipz also found herself in the top with her brilliant, now iconic imitation of Annie Wilkes, the Kathy Bates character, in Misery.

Hydragnea also played the game hard, taking out frontrunner Pangina Heals, who sobbed uncontrollably after being eliminated, apologizing to the people of Thailand for not bringing home the crown. (RuPaul loves contestants who play the game hard). Heals herself took out front runner Jimbo, and failed to see the comparisons as she hammered questions towards Hydragnea in the finale episode. 

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In the finale, the four finalists each had beautiful moments on the runway in their final critiques from the judges, RuPaul, Michelle Visage, and Graham Norton. The wheel of fortune chose Mo Heart for the first lip-sync, who then chose to go against Baga Chipz. Heart easily advanced to the final round after performing the song, Domino, by Jessie J.

Beloved contestant Jujubee, competing in her FOURTH Grand Finale (you go Juju!) was unable to take Blu out in their matchup to The Reflex by Duran Duran. An odd choice for a lip-sync song!


The lip-sync song for the crown to Kylie Minogue’s Supernova could have gone either way. Mo Heart looking stunning and competing in her second Grand Finale after All-Stars 4 fought the good fight settling for runner-up.

Overall the season did not connect with fans as much as previous seasons with the eliminations drawing the most from ire from fans. Drag Race fans are among the most passionate but the extreme anger some fans express to queens on social media needs to end. We love the show and we love our queens but at the end of the day, it’s a reality competition show. All the contestants, except one, lose and one person wins. 

And now it’s only two days away from the next episode of Drag Race season 14! This Friday – Snatch Game! 

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