Andrew Scott Talks About His Sexy On-Screen Romance with Paul Mescal

As we probably all know by know, Andrew Scott and Paul Mescal are starring as on-screen lovers in the upcoming film ‘All of Us Strangers’.

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In fact, the official trailer shows a glimpse of their steamy romance, and Scott also talked about it in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly. First off, the two actors shared about knowing each other “a little bit” prior to working on the film together.


However, they certainly know each other way more after starring in ‘All of Us Strangers’, as Scott wittily commented:

“not as well as we know each other now.” hinting at his steamy sex scenes with Mescal. 

The 47-year-old out actor further revealed:

“We know everything. The whole kit and caboodle!”

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In the film, Scott is portraying the character of a lonely screenwriter named Adam. Meanwhile, Mescal is playing the role of his neighbor Harry. Aside from the steamy romantic relationship that they form, their emotional bond is also highlighted in the film.

Moreover, director Andrew Haigh also shared what he wanted to depict in the sex scenes of ‘All of Us Strangers’, explaining:

“I wanted to express the feeling of connection and how you feel when you are with someone. It’s about where you’re looking. It’s about being vulnerable and then allowing yourself to feel a bit freer and then tense up and be nervous and awkward and then let the sexuality of it override you.”


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‘All of Us Strangers’ is set to be showing in theaters on December 22. In the meantime, you can watch the official trailer here:


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  1. As a gay man who never had the chance to come out to his parents returns home, surprised to find Mum and Dad waiting for him. They died in a car crash when he was 11, but here they are, curious and caring, greeting him with hugs and unconditional love.

    TBH this sounds really good.


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