Andrew Scott’s Audio Erotica Is Sending Netizens in a Frenzy!

Andrew Scott has been on a roll with making the internet go crazy over him, and this time, it’s not because of his sexy toned arms, but because of his new audio erotica…


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Yup, you read that right. The 47-year-old Irish actor is lending his voice to one of the characters in The Queen’s Guard, which is the new series of the audio erotica app Quinn. Scott is playing the role of Robb the Protector, who is described as “a personal guard to a tyrannical queen, whose job it is to stop the leader of a growing resistance, Mira, from getting anywhere near her.”

In the series’ teaser, his character says in a breathy tone:

“Look at you; look at how beautifully your body bears the marks of everything you’ve been through. I could worship every one of them.”


Meanwhile, Scott himself stated: 

“I know a lot of you out there love a bit of fantasy and historical fiction. I think you’re going to really fall in love with this story.”


As a result, netizens are not only left thirsting, but his fans are also reminded of his role as a “hot priest” in ‘Fleabag’. Specifically, the scene where he told Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s character to “kneel”. 

Moreover, here’s what the people are saying about Scott’s audio erotica:

“LOOK AT YOU is the new KNEEL,” Instagram user @catquinn commented.


“I [redacted] [redacted] to Andrew Scott on Quinn because I want him to [redacted] me to [redacted] till I [redacted] he can [redacted] anywhere,” Twitter user @kaylie_flowers wrote.

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