Andy Cohen Called Out For Harrassment By ‘Real Housewives’ Alum

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Real Housewives of New Jersey alum Danielle Staub is NOT happy with Andy Cohen, and she wants the world to know it.

According to Aazios, Danielle Staub released a new episode of her podcast called Absolutely Danielle. In the episode, titled “The Last To Know,” Staub alleged that Cohen isn’t ready to be a father. Her reason was that the man is still in the party scene and drug use. She then alleged that Cohen allowed her to be accused of actions he partook in and also alleged that Cohen goes “on three or four Grindr dates an evening.”


“Is Andy ready for his son to know who he is?” Danielle Stab asked over the podcast. “Because the Andy I know would hit up Grindr and go on three or four Grindr dates an evening.” 

She then added, “I just don’t, I don’t even want to talk about the drugs and the partying, not now anyway, but we can get back to that,” Staub added on the podcast. “I’m talking about like things that I’ve been accused of doing and he allowed to happen while he was doing the same things that he was accusing me of, or allowing other people to accuse me of.”

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After this podcast episode, Danielle doubled down on her opposition to Andy Cohen by condemning him through an Instagram post.


“I am no longer forced to walk into the Lions Den,” Staub wrote in the now-deleted Instagram post. “Andy kept me In the dark long enough! He has taken whats mine and given it to others! Now that you are a parent I’d hoped you would see some of the pain you caused my family, even when I left the show to protect my young children, you mocked me repeatedly defaming me and yet I still continued to give you over a decade to do right by me and mine!”

According to Us Magazine, the beginnings of this open hostility started around seven months ago. At the time, Staub stated on Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen that she would be leaving RHONJ.

“I will be never returning as a Housewife again with the Jersey girls,” she said in January. “I have, over the past 12 years and 10 seasons, been a part of this whole franchise and I’ve been very happy to rally and stand on a platform and be here with all of you. But it is time for me to leave and do something that I want to do that makes my heart happy every day.”

In response to this announcement, Cohen, who seemingly didn’t know of Staub’s plans, said, “This is entirely your move.”


Danielle Staub has been a recurring face on the Real Housewives show for the past decade. She started as an original cast member in seasons 1 and 2 before leaving the show. Part of that was due to her receiving the villain cut. After making up with other cast members, Staub returned as a “friend” role for seasons 8-10. Meaning, she was paid to start drama without getting full billing as a cast member.

Now, several months later, Staub is in headlines again. But this time, she says Cohen treated her terribly while they were on the job. In response to these allegations, Danielle Staub’s former publicist Steve Honig denied her claims in an interview with The Blast and described them as “disgraceful.”


According to Honig, “[Watch What Happens Live] and Andy were always respectful and professional toward Danielle and constantly went above-and-beyond to accommodate her needs and give her a voice.”

He continued, “She was always shown empathy and understanding and given a fair platform on which to express herself. I find her comments to be untrue and, quite frankly, disgraceful.”

No matter who’s telling the truth, it’s fair to believe that Danielle Staub will not be returning to the Bravo tv show.

Source: Aazios, Us Magazine, The Blast

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