Andy Cohen Hosts Lizzo On Bravo’s ‘Watch What Happens Live’

Games are a frequent part of the Watch What Happens Live experience, and the specific game ‘Teach Me Your Talent’ has had host Andy Cohen learn everything from how to take the perfect selfie (courtesy of Kim Kardashian) to learning the ‘Butt Walk’ from Paula Abdul. Earlier this week though, Cohen welcomed music sensation Lizzo, who is currently promoting her phenomenal new album Special (which included summer anthem “Everybody’s Gay”)Between sipping some cocktails with Cohen, Lizzo took a crack at ‘Teach Me Your Talent’ where she gave Cohen the definitive lesson on how to twerk! 


Getting some “help from the big girls”,that joined her in the #WWHL Clubhouse, Lizzo complimented Cohen’s booty saying it was like a “small horse” as opposed to a donkey booty. Lizzo proceeded to show Cohen how to do three different styles of twerking, letting Cohen know that many think that twerking is about “popping”, but it truly is about the “isolation”. She taught Cohen three different types of twerking, with Cohen mastering everything from the “up and down” to the “circle twerk” to the “vibrator”

This is not the first time a part of Andy Cohen’s anatomy caused a sensation though. During a session with BuzzFeed where Cohen read “Thirst Tweets”, Cohen read a tweet that said referenced his particularly long tongue and what he could potentially do with it. Cohen confessed to winning a ‘Long Tongue Contest’ in Miami, FL and proceeded to show us his tongue, which definitely had some significant extra mileage to it. He has proceeded to show it off on What What Happens Live on more than one occasion, showing fans a whole new side of the reality television titan. 


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